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An update after two years

Hi everyone, I hope you are all in best health.

It’s been 2 years since I last made an update, that’s a long time. I plan on posting frequently now… well at least more than before. I’ve noticed that despite there being no updates on my blog for a long time it’s still receiving a little over 10 thousand visitors a month. I always wanted to create a personal blog where I could post about anything, about my activities, thoughts and anything that interests me. It’s actually why I created it in the first place.

I have thousands of people asking me whether or not I’m ever going to update my YouTube channel. I will, though I’m not sure when. I want to create a new video series but I’m a little confused on how to start it although I know what I want to talk about. If you have any ideas on what subjects I should touch please let me know in the comments. Thanks.