Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’ – Analysis

I’ve been receiving many emails regarding Eminem’s new song, “Not Afraid”. Many people are requesting that I should do a breakdown of the song and the music video to it. To be honest, there isn’t much symbolism in the music video, at least not occult symbolism anyway. But lyrically speaking, the message the song delivers is very much loud and clear, so not much explanation is required. However, some people might not fully understand the metaphors Eminem uses in this song and may have missed out on important little details, so this gives us a good excuse to look at it in more depth.

Please remember that this is my interpretation of the lyrics and the music video. My interpretation could be right or wrong in some, or even wrong altogether.

The music video starts with the hook playing over the intro lyrics. We’ll focus on the hook further on, but for now let’s take a look at the intro lyrics:

  1. Yeah, it’s been a ride
  2. I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one
  3. Now some of you might still be in that place
  4. If you’re trying to get out, just follow me
  5. I’ll get you there

“That place” refers to his ‘cage’ and period of drug-addled depression, which inspired his rebirth. Eminem’s drug addiction became strong when his best friend, DeShaun (aka Proof) died. Eminem was still taking drugs, such as sleeping pills well before his friend’s passing. In the last three lines, he is calling out to other celebrities who are going through the same phase as he did not too long ago. It also applies to his fans.

The video shows Eminem living two lives. There is a period of quickly alternating shots showing him in a messy, disorganised basement which presumably represents his home and then him on a rooftop where he stands dangerously close to the edge. This segment represents his new found freedom which is being out from his ‘cage box’ to being free and in power. However, while Eminem is standing close to the edge on the rooftop, he takes another step forward after he sings, “And all those who look down on me I’m tearing down your balcony”. My interpretation of this can be seen in two different ways:

1. He gains more confidence in what he’s saying and shows this by stepping forward.
2. By him stepping forward, it symbolises that his words put him in more danger.

[Verse 1]

  1. You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay ‘em
  2. But you won’t take the sting out these words before I say ‘em
  3. Cause ain’t no way I’mma let you stop me from causing mayhem
  4. When I say I’mma do something I do it, I don’t give a damn
  5. What you think, I’m doing this for me, so fuck the world
  6. Feed it beans, it’s gassed up, if it thinks it’s stopping me
  7. I’mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtedly
  8. And all those who look down on me I’m tearing down your balcony
  9. No if ands or buts don’t try to ask him why or how can he
  10. From Infinite down to the last Relapse album he’s still shitting
  11. Whether he’s on salary, paid hourly
  12. Until he bows out or he shits his bowels out of him
  13. Whichever comes first, for better or worse
  14. He’s married to the game, like a “fuck you” for Christmas
  15. His gift is a curse, forget the earth he’s got the urge
  16. To pull his dick from the dirt and fuck the whole universe

The above verse refers to the ‘higher-ups’ who control the music industry. Eminem says they can read the lyrics to the song before it’s released, like they do with every mainstream song, but they won’t be able to take the “sting” out of his words, because the sting is felt when the song is performed and is released to the public. A sting is an injection of a poison via stinger by an animal or plant, so here he is metaphorically implying that this song will sting those higher-ups who try to control him.

He then goes on by saying he won’t let them stop him from causing mayhem and then follows on to say, “When I say I’mma do something I do it, I don’t give a damn what you think, I’m doing this for me”. He doesn’t care about them in regards to what they think, and states he will do and say whatever he wants. The next line then reads, “So fuck the world, feed it beans, it’s gassed up, if it thinks it’s stopping me”. To gas somebody up is to confuse or trick the person, and as many of you already know, beans give people gas. I’m not too sure who Eminem refers to as being tricked, but it could possibly mean the media will feed the public more beans and therefore ‘bloat’ them with lies and fabricated stories about Eminem in the future. He then says, “And all those who look down on me I’m tearing down your balcony”. Again, he is speaking metaphorically, referring to the higher-ups with their “balcony” implying their high level and all-seeing position.

After that he says, “He’s married to the game, like a ‘fuck you’ for Christmas, his gift is a curse”. A “Fuck You” for Christmas is a gift that’s a curse, and this is linked in to the fact that he sometimes thinks of his talent as a curse because of where it where it has gotten him.

[Verse 2]

  1. Ok quit playin’ with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap
  2. I shouldn’t have to rhyme these words
  3. In the rhythm for you to know it’s a rap
  4. You said you was king, you lied through your teeth
  5. For that fuck your feelings
  6. Instead of getting crowned you’re getting capped
  7. And to the fans, I’ll never let you down again, I’m back
  8. I promise to never go back on that promise, in fact
  9. Let’s be honest, that last Relapse CD was “ehhhh”
  10. Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground
  11. Relax, I ain’t going back to that now
  12. All I’m tryna say is get back, click-clack BLAOW
  13. Cause I ain’t playin’ around
  14. There’s a game called circle and I don’t know how
  15. I’m way too up to back down
  16. But I think I’m still trying to figure this crap out
  17. Thought I had it mapped out but I guess I didn’t
  18. This fucking black cloud still follows me around
  19. But it’s time to exercise these demons
  20. These mother fuckers are doing jumping jacks now

When he sings, “And to the fans, I’ll never let you down again I’m back”, he walks onto a busy road narrowly avoiding collisions with cars and buses symbolising how he won’t let anything stop him or get in his way. It’s also interesting to note that one of the buses has a partially visible advertisement with the words “wake up” shown for a fraction of a second. There are 3 plausible explanations for this:

1. It is a coincidence (which I believe it to be).
2. The advertisement is real and the production crew only noticed this during post-processing of the video and decided to keep the “wake up” part only.
3. The “wake up” advert was intentional and planned.

In the basement which Eminem is living in, a puppet can be seen hanging from a structural beam. The puppet is seen throughout the video several times including some close up shots of it, although it is shown quickly and is not so noticeable. The puppet is most clearly displayed when Eminem sings, “Relax, I ain’t going back to that now”. Keep in mind, this music video is visually symbolising how Eminem went from “that place” to get to “this place”. A place from being caged in with drug abuse and depression to being free and in control of himself. “That place” and all its associated evils are no longer with “this place”. In other words, he is no longer a puppet for the higher-ups to control and abuse.

Eminem then says, “All I’m tryna say is get back, click-clack BLAOW, cause I ain’t playin’ around, there’s a game called circle and I don’t know how, I’m way too up to back down”. The words “click-clack BLAOW” are onomatopoeia for a gun cocking a gun and firing it, so this could be indicating how serious he is and what kind of level he is at. The circle game in the music industry is essentially a circular path the Illuminati take with music artists. They build someone up to become very popular and famous for their own use of manipulating and then when that person finishes or dies, they will just get another artist and do the same again. This will keep happening all the time and there are also multiple instances. Eminem is “Way too up to back down” since the higher you get, the harder it becomes to leave the music industry because you are aware of much more than other artists and have much more influence and thus become a threat. This is when the Illuminati may choose to kill the artist, usually as a sacrifice, after keeping them out of the spotlight for a while to reduce their popularity. This process is very gradual and goes almost unnoticed. Eminem has also mentioned this in a few other songs, such as ‘Say Goodbye to Hollywood’:

  1. I never dreamt I’d get to the level that I’m at, this is whack
  2. This is more than I ever could’ve asked
  3. If I could go back, I never would’ve rapped
  4. (continued)
  5. I sold my soul to the devil, I’ll never get it back
  6. I just wanna leave this game with level head intact

Continuing on, Eminem also says, “But I think I’m still trying to figure this crap out, thought I had it mapped out but I guess I didn’t”, indicating that he has previously attempted to get off of the higher-ups’ radar, metaphorically referring to them as the “Black cloud” – still tracking him and monitoring his every move.

As Eminem continues walking, he looks into a car window and sees a reflection with a distorted image of his face. He looks confused and a little surprised, but he carries on walking and ends up in a hall of mirrors. He is spooked by the distorted reflection of his face in each one, which looks like a painted face, representing the image which the higher-ups created for him, reminding him of his alter ego, Slim Shady, the puppet he once was. Slim Shady is also associated with “that place”.

Although he doesn’t mention the mirrors in the lyrics to ‘Not Afraid’, he does mention them in another one of his songs from the same album named, ‘I’m going through changes’:

I’m hatin’ my reflection, I walk around the house tryin’ to fight mirrors

After that, he says, “But it’s time to exercise these demons, these mother fuckers are doing jumping jacks now”. He is referring to the higher-ups as “demons”. This means that the higher-ups already have or are planning to focus on the demise of his career, hence “jumping jack” also commonly known as star jump, signifying that they are making big moves already.

Eminem finds a way to escape the mirrored room by smashing through it, and whilst doing so the scene switches over to the basement where he simultaneously smashes the brick wall after discovering light bursting through a small hole previously created by throwing a chair at it. This is symbolising that Eminem has found the light, he has broken out of his cage and will no longer be controlled, hence the lyrics which are playing whilst this scene is acted out, “I’m breaking out of this cage”.

We’ll skip the bridge and the last verse since it’s so direct and needs no explaining. Let’s now take a look at the hook.


  1. I’m not afraid to take a stand
  2. Everybody come take my hand
  3. We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
  4. Whatever weather, cold or warm
  5. Just lettin’ you know that you’re not alone
  6. Holla if you feel that you’ve been down the same road

The meaning of the hook is very clear. In the last line Eminem is asking other celebrities, who have “been down the same road”, essentially meaning what he has gone or is going through, to raise their voices and take a stand like him. Hence the line, “Holla if you feel that you’ve been down the same road”. While he sings this, he also puts his hand next to his mouth vertically as if to pass on a message quietly and discretely. This is evident by the bridge lyrics to his song, “Talkin’ 2 Myself”:

So why in the world do I feel so alone
Nobody but me, I’m on my own
Is there anyone out there
Who feels the way I feel
If there is, let me hear just so I know I’m not the only one


The very beginning of the video shows Eminem standing on a rooftop ledge telling us how he got to there from “that place”, which he goes on to show by walking through the streets finding himself in a hall of mirrors, where he’s confronted by distorted images of himself before escaping both the basement and mirrored room only to find himself confronted by a far more dangerous edge. He then jumps off the edge and falls some distance before gaining the ability to fly like Superman and guiding himself back onto the rooftop.

As Eminem said in an interview with Skyrock FM in Paris, the overall concept is “Basically just being in a dark place and trying to get to the light”. The message Eminem is trying to give us is that he isn’t afraid to face his fears, and being in control of himself, making his own choices and decisions, he’s putting his life back together, whatever the circumstances may be.

When one ‘sells his/her soul to the devil’ and stops playing their part for the higher-ups, they are not allowed to keep their fame and live their luxurious lives. However, due to Eminem’s popularity, and the massively increasing awareness people have about what goes on behind the scenes, it’s becoming much harder to keep him out of the spotlight. Keep in mind that the higher-ups kept trying to destroy Michael Jackson’s image for 17 years.

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    1. What about the CROSS that he is wearing at the end of the video? Why you didn’t mentioned it? After such a “deep” interpretation, I would expected from you to mention that. It is a dubious fact. In conclusion, I say to you all that Jesus Christ, who is glorify in his orthodox church, the only TRUE church (see the ecumenical synods from the 4th century, in the time of Constantin the Great), and only there, like I hope Eminem (because there is so many false christian religion besides orthodoxy) you will find the truth and only there you can live the Christ drama who overcome the death through obedience His Father to death and sacrifice to bring us the Holy Spirit after His Ressurection. Please read from father Seraphim Rose, who is an american saint who converted to orthodoxy and win the eternity from God by living in THE TRUTH CHURCH, wich is ORTHODOXY (see the ecumenical synods from the 4th century, in the time of Constantin the Great). May God bless you all to know and live a true life. Amin!

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        “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will open to you” – The Holy Scripture after Matthew, chapter 7, verse 7

      2. Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, and Rihanna are all in the illuminati, they wear the cross does that make them Christian? Wearing the cross mocks Christianity! If your mother was beaten to death with a hammer, will you start wearing the symbol of a hammer to show the remembrance of your mother? No! Because it’s symbolizing the murder of your mother! That’s why people in the illuminati wear the cross. Look at Church of St. Elisabeth or St Anne’s church Budapest for instance; you will see BIG signs of the illuminati triangle.

        Muslim truly love and recognize Jesus, however he is not the son of God. On the day of Judgment: “And behold! God will say [i.e. on the Day of Judgment]: ‘Oh Jesus, the son of Mary! Did you say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of God?’ He will say: ‘Glory to Thee! Never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would indeed have known it. You know what is in my heart, though I know not what is in Yours. For You know in full all that is hidden. Never did I say to them anything except what You commanded me to say: ‘Worship God, my Lord and your Lord.’ And I was a witness over them while I lived among them. When You took me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are a witness to all things’” (5:116-117).

        Look at this website It will tell you who Jesus Christ was, the miracles of Jesus and about the virgin birth of Jesus. He was an amazing messenger and prophet and Muslims don’t mention him without saying Peace be upon Him.

        If you truly love Jesus, you would do your research. We humans have a brain to use it effectively and reflect and think, not follow blindly. Take care.

        1. that is a lie as well Sally,the muslim belief. cause no man can come to God by himself since he was born in sin and God has no sin. that why he could come in the world cause He loves humanity so much,through a virgin birth, as Jesus Christ a man with no sin, to sacrifice Himself on the cross. the price of sin is death and no man can come to God except through the sacrifice of Jesus. that,s what the cross symbolizes. the way to God cause He came down Himself to do this for us. who has wisdom let him hear. can’t think of God in human terms…He is Alpha And Omega at the same time. He is outside time. He made time for us. to see His Holy plan for us. WE are saved allready, the Koran is part of anti-christ plan to not believe we can be saved. The innocent Blood of Jesus Christ has saved us,get to know Him…don’t stay imprisoned you’ve been pardoned long ago. all you have to do is believe..is no point the warden tell u you are pardoned if u dont believe him and stay in your cell..open the eyes of your mind

        2. i’m really happy to find proud muslims as you sally!! god bless you !! and for all those who’s not believing us we just have to wait and let them say by themselves when the judjment day come and we ask allah to let us into his large heaven !!! and god will show all the christans the and all the others the right way inchallah

        3. actually, they wear a Cross to foul people, because it is a symbol of Christianity. and the Cross is the symbol of Christianity because it depicts Jesus’ crucification which was God’s plan to forgive people.

      3. the same orthodox church that have u bowing down to images and tell u that is Holy…or the same that has actively kept much of eastern europe in darkness and persecuted all other religions like baptists or penticostals cause they felt threatened that people will find the truth from them of Jesus Christ and how u dont need to trust another man or kiss the priest’s hand to get to God? or maybe the one that still trying to keep romanians in darkness and suffering so they will not fully wake up and see how they were tricked, and see them for the serpents and abomination they truly have become from a long time ago, just to cling to power over people…you wake up and be real Radu..knowledge is power

      4. My interpretation, although it might be a false one, is the defiance of the cross in a world of alleged Satanism via illuminati. I know it contradicts the theory that the cross is celebrating the death of God, which might explain Jay-Z, but to me, it’s used simply because it’s a mainstream symbol for Christianity. He might be using it as subliminal exorcism.

      5. He wearing it in the basment. And when he is outside its a sing that he has broken out? I don’t really know but that might be it.

      6. Romans 16:16….. nigga xD Christ is the one true church. THE CURCHES OF CHRIST SALUTE YOU! Now beofre you go on preaching just think about what your gonna say first.

  1. Some stuff like gassed up is a bit stretched, i think. However, my favorite line is “You said you were king, you lied through your teeth
    For that fuck your feelings
    Instead of getting crowned you’re getting capped”

    He’s clearly referring to Satan. Who else would claim being a king but not really one? I just hope we’re not over interpreting a song that maybe just about cocaine addiction.

  2. I don’t understand why more celebrities don’t just stand up with Eminem. There are strength in numbers, even if people are afraid they should join Eminem because they’ll just be miserable for the rest of their lives.

  3. Great job with this one! It seems artists like Eminem, MJ, and Lennon had to sell themselves before exposing the truth about the industry and being able to write songs and make videos without resorting to occult symbolism. Will there ever be a time when musicians can make a music video and/or song with no occult references, and be a “popular” song?

  4. I agree with your analysis of this song. When I first heard this song I fell in love with it because I could understand the message he was portraying. I’ve been following the “music industry” and I no longer view certain music the same. I applaude Eminem for taking this stand and I hope other music artist follows his footsteps. Thank you Emimen, I have a new respect for you.

  5. I was waiting for an analysis of Not Afraid. Finally one comes out and it’s by you. Incredible man, you point out details which are so easily missed. Respect bro.

  6. Thanks! I hope that if this speculation is true, that Marshall will come out alive. I would find it hard to see such a good-hearted leave this earth unwillingly.. Any look-a-likes wanna step in?

  7. Nice! In Jungian Psychology a ‘basement’ refers to the unconscious part of ourselves – that part that is in the ‘dark’, the unknown, the part of ourselves (or our life experience) that we need to bring out and up into the light and *see* and accept. I love this imagery. This whole song is about reclamation of personal power, and Eminem’s acceptance of what has taken place in ‘that place’. Once he has *seen* and accepted what he has gone through – how he has been played and manipulated – and has broken through into the light – his personal strength, there’s no turning back. The higher-ups can only control those who are ignorant of their situation. I too never took to Eminem but discovered this song recently and it has a very different feeling about it.

  8. i do not believe that wake up message was a coincidence :P Also, I would never have seen the puppet in a thousand years lol. That pretty much concretes the fact of mainstream artists being puppets for a higher power.

  9. just want to say something… look at the background of eminem when he was in the rooftop.. just want to say so, the only clear thing i can see is “two post”, or “two towers”(twin towers??) or i dont know.. and he keeps on pointing and refering to those as “that place”.. i just dont know.. i beleive as a music director or producer.. everything matters.. why does eminem need to point to that side instead of the other side, why did they pick that background where it is exactly open to that “towers”

  10. BTW farhan, em says “exorcise these demons” not exercise lol :P. Great work though, looking forward to whatever you release next.

  11. Hey this is indeed a good one. By the way sire, I only saw the Music industry exposed series up to part 10. Did we miss something? We would like to view other copies so that we could share it to those who are open minded and willing to open their eyes on a greater level.

  12. Wooow, Yeah, i allready had a scene on my head like you are saying, woow, i allready knew the video message, but some people don´t know that…soo… im glad you posted it :) PEOPLE, WHEN YOU HEAR A SONG, GO SEE THE LYRICS !! REDEMPTION SONG BY BOB MARLEY HAS A MESSAGE TOO !! SEE THE LYRICS, PAY ATTENTION !! WE NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM THOSE BEASTS !

  13. already knew what the song was about,but great article anyway :D Pray for Eminem! Now he’s in serious danger :/ I wish God saves him with all my heart ♥ Lil’ Wayne seems to be leaving the too :D Check out No Love – Eminem ft. Lil’ Wayne!

  14. Thanks for the heads up on Youtube. Just read the entire article and all I can say is brilliant work! I had doubts about Em but this has made everything so much more clear for me.

  15. This is the best analysis of the song ever posted! My boyfriend’s brother, Linc was telling me pretty much the same story about Em.

  16. @Paulina

    How are some things far stretched? I feel like slapping the shit into you right now.


    Dumbass. And it’s not cocaine anyway it’s nyquil and valium.


    You got my rum boy?

  17. “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8)

    Forget the QURAN my dear brother, Jesus is the only way…Remember about the narrow gate….

    God Bless You

  18. “And all those who look down on me I’m tearing down your balcony”, could also stand for the other rappers in the game who think they’re higher and on top of eminem so he will show them whos truly a greater rapper

  19. great job bro.
    been waiting for this a while now, realy glad your doing all this to inform us all.
    thank you so much for ur time.
    we couldnt appreciate it any better.
    i been a big fan of ur vids over time.
    take care.

  20. Wow. Great breakdown and a very inspiring one to know Eminem, a big name, seems like he’s on the people’s side again. The future looks promising. This is a great time to be living indeed.

  21. Good analysis, Farhan Khan. But one thing everyone here seems to be ignoring is the fact that the Recovery album has its fair share of Slim Shady-esque lyrics. While Eminem is clearly aware of his manipulation at the hands of the corporate elite, he’s still writing the kind of songs that they would approve of.

  22. Hey Farhan, I’m a big fan of the music industry series and I wonder why not other artist are helping him out…. from what I heard from some lyrics of Lil Wayne I think that he is going against the Illuminati as well, like in the song no love lil wayne says “married to the game but she broke her vows, thats why my bars are full of broken bottles and my night stands are full of open bibles” so lil wayne is “married to the game” as in sold his soul for the “game”(fame) but they did something he didn’t like (or as he said “broke her vows”) might be the gun possession that he was sent in jail for…which is why his nightstand has open bibles….. or its just a clever rhyme that he made. I also think drake is also going against them even though he doesn’t show it… or why else would Eminem work with him and appear in his concert in Toronto.

  23. I just pray Eminem will be here for a long time. If Eminem really wanted to he could be the next Tupac Shakur and really expose the higher ups for who they really are. I wish I could message him and give him motivation…but o well no can do i guess….:(

  24. Let’s remember, the elite (illuminaty) has many ways to say their plans like general or moral rule using Commercial Videos, Movies, News and Musical Videos.

    Eminem is an apostle of the new world order and messenger of the illuminaty like Rihanna and Jay Z.
    This video has more information you’ve not seen or revealed.
    For Example. The girl (min 1:12) behind of Eminem is dressed with a blouse of black and white lines which means that Eminem is controled and protected by the Freemasons. Also you can observe at Min 1:32 “NEWARK” is NEW ARK which means: a means of security for a next Event or Autoattack/ WWIII: Catastrophe; “24 hours MARKET” means World Economic Crisis; White and Yellow Barricades means protests, violence for an event or crisis.
    Eminem sends a subliminal message from Min 1:35.06 to 1:35.52: kill with a snife on the neck.
    Eminem sends again the message at min 1:45.18: 24 HOURS MARKET: WORLD FINAL ECONOMIC CRISIS / FURNITURE FURNITURE / BARRICADES at min 1:46.39 appears again NEWARK: NEW ARK (security or protection)

    His distorted face (it’s to say his eyes from min 2:24.07 to 2:25.48) front of mirrors means that his body was empty, (without soul), this point you’ll be able verify it before, when Eminem looks at car glass (Min 1:58.08), there we’ve a clear message: Mannequins next to eminem.

    Min 2:37.57: Eminem delivers his body to the illuminati (the sun appears when he destroys the walls)
    Min 2:58.33: Eminem sends a message of destruction or geologic future event, remember the word NEWARK:NEW ARK.
    Min 3:01.15: The world NEW:ARK / SEA / AFRICA (POSSIBLE ARK) appears in the scene of destruction.
    Min 3:15.43: Eminem’s Face has stains of bloods after of the suicide and is flying. If he flies, this means that he has resurrected with new spirit, but this spirit is not his, if not a demon.
    Min 3:20.47: After The suicide, the eminem body is possessed by a new spirit (demon).
    Min 3:25.55 Eminem sends a new subliminal message with “WE” marked in the NEW YORK CITY BUS, means not just me, if not many of us. (many demons)
    Min 3:27.31 New message: EBONY (BLACK), NAVY ARMY.
    Brother and Sisters, THe next minute is VERY IMPORTANT for all of you,DON’T BE FEAR: from Min 3:29.55 to Min 3:33.03 The demon that posseses to Eminem is revealed behind him, you have to carefully observe it. You must understand that the illuminatis use and will use dark forces to dominate your mind and the world when NEW WORLD ORDER gets born.
    Min 3:35.14 Laptop and Glasses: Control of Information. THe Symbol of Laptop Cap I don’t recognise it.
    Min 3:39.06 Demon is revealed behind of Eminem again. This meanning that the Demon is controlling the emptied body of Eminem.
    Min 3:52.11 The Demon shows its eyes over Eminem.

    You must download this musical video so that you’re able to capture minute to minute each frame and to observe all that I’ve written here.

    Let’s remember, the messages in musical videos are not always the lyrics if not the imagenes.

    You don’t believe me? So I invite to carefully see the musical video of Jay Z, Eminem 2010: Change gonna come (What Change gonna come?) there you’ll find many masonic symbols but so that you can see the most important, have to download that video and see the hidden frame at Min 2:25.06, you’ll see what they’re waiting for. The Devil. This devil has human form and one written word on its head that it means one world, NEW WORLD ORDER.

    1. Joered do u knw english or can you read well,download EM’s lyrics of not afraid and learn them,dnt compare video and auddeo and analyze them as the same thing,ur lost find urslf a teacher or lecture to interprete words for u.ur wasting our time for reviewing what is nonsense frm ur idea.infact u should download all eminem’s lyrics from ENCORE to date and find out what is he talking about,you’ve lost ur mamas mangos.shut ur mouth and listen,uve being paranoid by the blood suckers called illiminati,u should killiminati,do u even know the vice versed word of NWO,try it you’ll see what they want to do or be,they want to OWN you and the rest of the world,you must read too much about the london queen,and her puppets,leaders of many states follow her advices,so if I was you,ill shut and listen and get learned.I’AM that I’AM,thats what YAHOSHUA (JESUS)said when he passed the message,better pray YAH (GOD) to lead you out of the darkness.

    2. OMG!
      I saw every minute of the video. You are so clever!
      You have to be very alert and very quick to capture every little detail in the video.
      I noticed the girl/lady in the (background) with the black & white zig-zag dress, walking just behind Eminem’s left shoulder.

      When Eminem looks at the glass window of the car, has any1 noticed, 3 naked dummies at 1:58 along with other numbered codes? Also, has anybody noticed, when Eminem walks into the hall of mirrors, you will see 9 distorted images in the mirrors at 2:26?
      I love the way you show us the image of the laptop and glasses, which could mean, ‘control of information’.


    3. the demon revealed again minute has the same eminem gesture in 3 AM video and the way i am video. btw somebody should analyze those videos. oh and the symbol on the laptop is beats by dr dre logo, which in my opinion looks like a six. maybe that’s another way to say that the illuminati hears everything like the all seeing eye. farhan and joered should decode those two other video and also look up about beats by dr dre.

    4. joered can give me a link of video (eminem an jayZ)… on youtube i only see live little concert but i didn’t see anything

  25. @Joered

    That’s what you call paranoia, you make us look like complete tarts. What you said is absolutely stupid and over-analysing. Stop it.

  26. Nice analysis brother.Before,i used to hate Eminem so badly like i was really hating on him.But that time,Eminem was Illuminati.Now,he’s an “Killuminati”.His new album “Recovery”,it’s a message,he need’s our help.He has 2 option.1.Leave Hip-Hop or 2.We (us (Eminem Fans))should help him.

  27. EM iz my favorite rapper since he ever came out with the slim shady lp in 1998 i do spanish hip hop great analysis thiz world is so bad so evil we need to escape we need freedom NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER………..

  28. opening scene…left side looks like a sun with a cross on the ground in the lawn.

    when he counts he also does the 666 thing with his fingers. He clealy see’s that he is a demon now. It’s too late for him so he has no choice but to keep going.
    All the satanists are getting more sensitive as they see the food crops and ocean destroyed. They realize that Lucifer (Queen of England) or anyone else who hangs Snake flags and belongs to ‘order of the garter’ Garter is a snake…Emimem realizes that these freaks are for real. We are screwed on this planet. Chemtrails/Corexit. Rothschilds.

  29. I found something in Not Afraid theres a Pyramid on the wall and he smashes through it. 2:36 pause Not Afraid and look at the wall closely you see a Pyramid with a eye. Eminem then smashes the wall. tell me if i’m wrong people

  30. Very nice! To all the haters, that think hes making this up, just keep watching. Once they implement their plans, your all screwed!

  31. just to let you know i dont think any of us will live to see armageddon or the new world order but we all need to know about it to take a stand against it

  32. Wake up¡

    I repeat you: You don’t believe me? So I invite to carefully see the musical video of Jay Z, Eminem 2010: Change gonna come (What Change gonna come?) there you’ll find many masonic symbols but so that you can see the most important, have to download that video and see the hidden frame at Min 2:25.06, you’ll see what they’re waiting for. The Devil. This devil has human form and one written word on its head that it means one world, NEW WORLD ORDER.

    Hollywood and other control mind tools are using these singers to manipulate to the vulnerable ones: Children.


    You must download this musical video so that you’re able to capture minute to minute each frame and to observe all that I’ve written here.

    This video has tips about future events, The elite always says what will happen before.

    Jay Z and Rihanna involved to Eminem in the Illuminaty World.

    Why recently does Eminem appear in musical videos with Rihanna? Answer: Because Eminem accepted (delivered his soul)to the world that Freemasons offer.

    Have you not seen the video of “Run this town”?

    Jay Z, Rihanna and Eminem use a false illumination, are freemasons.

  33. No,you stated the beginning wrong!
    when eminem says these lyrics:
    1. Yeah, it’s been a ride
    2. I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one
    3. Now some of you might still be in that place
    4. If you’re trying to get out, just follow me
    5. I’ll get you there

    He is not talking about drugs, he is talking about the Illuminati, being part of them, and he knows other rappers are in it too and trying to get but he freed himself, why do you think in “Talkn to myself” he states to T.I,LIL WAYNE AND KANYE WEST to keep there head up and that he is slaying them….When he mentions i had to go to that place to get this one, meaning how they gave him the fame and how he became evil and now he is good and freeing himself!
    Another one that gave it away and told me it was not about drugs is when he said
    “You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay ‘em” meaning they will not take his pride!!!!!!

  34. Joered lmfao
    see look at you Freemasons control shit
    it’s the illuminati in power so get that right freemasonry is everywhere and you know what few even become higher then a 3 degree mason and the 31 32 33 are the ones in power so you fail
    let me ask you why did eminem and lil wayne make 2 songs and 2 videos toghther
    answer because lil Wayne is free too just read the lyrics I posted here http://vigilantcitizen.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7609 look for freddy654
    just sign up there and send me a message I will explain it you

  35. Freddy, slave of eminem.

    First lesson: the messages in musical videos are not always the lyrics if not the imagenes. (The Illuminaty kidnapped the music industry and are using hidden messages) I thought you knew it, but I understand that you’ve to defend to your bosses.

    my glorious laughers: HA HA HA HA I’ve unmasked these liers

    (Eminem is free? a killillumnati?) HA HA HA HA HA

    your nervous laughers: lmfao lol oh my god¡ Joered doesn’t say more things¡¡¡

    you’re being deceived but I know that it’s hard to you to accept it.

    I repeat you:

    Wake up¡

    You don’t believe me? So I invite to carefully see the musical video of Jay Z, Eminem 2010: Change gonna come ((NEW 2010) Jay-Z Ft. Eminem – “Change Gonna Come” (OFFICIALDJHITS; 1,107,194 views) (What Change gonna come?) there you’ll find many masonic symbols but so that you can see the most important, have to download that video and see the hidden frame at Min 2:25.06, you’ll see what they’re waiting for. The Devil. This devil has human form and one written word on its head that it means one world, NEW WORLD ORDER.

    Hollywood and other control mind tools are using these singers to manipulate to the vulnerable ones: Children.


    You must download this musical video (Eminem: NOT AFRAID) so that you’re able to capture minute to minute each frame and to observe all that I’ve written here.

    This video has tips about future events, The elite always says what will happen before.

    Jay Z and Rihanna involved to Eminem in the Illuminaty World.

    Why recently does Eminem appear in musical videos with Rihanna? Answer: Because Eminem accepted (delivered his soul)to the world that Freemasons offer.

    Have you not seen the video of “Run this town”?

    Jay Z, Rihanna and Eminem use a false illumination, are freemasons.

  36. @joered what have you unveiled I saw the video of jay z and eminem and I said it was fake all it is a remix it’s parts from a song jay z did and a song that eminem did (how come) but surely I thought you would firgue that out and now I was laughing because you think Freemasons are in control lmao like I said many masons don’t even get passed being a 3rd degree the 33 is where the powerful ones are and you say Rihanna and eminem and jays are freemason that is fucked up jay z can be but like I said proably only a 3rd degree but Rihanna and eminem are not
    so I debunked your little video Now what I understand more then you do
    if you believe masons control thing lmfao I ain’t nervous of shit it just you act like your right but you barely understand this all again just read the link I posted

  37. Well done mate. A few things I had missed that you pointed out. Good job, looking forward to part 11 of the music industry.

  38. appreciate the article; well done. however after listening to eminems album i am still iffy on him; not sure if he truly is out of the influence of the higher ups. but i sure hope he means to break free for good

  39. Do You Think Eminem Will Every Be Saved? And Give Hi Life To Jesus One Day? I Think It’s Possible, Jesus Even Expects Him To Repent Of All His Wrong. Jesus Died And Rose up On The 3rd Day For All Of Us. Jesus Loves Him Too Even Though He’s Like This Believe It Or Not. It’s True. He Can! And I Have Faith In God That One Day,He Will. :) I Think That Would Be Like SO Awesome!

  40. when it shows eminem living in the two lives, there is a thing i want to mention about that. when it shows him in the messy disorganised basement life it shows him wearing a cross and in he’s new freedom life he isnt wearing the cross. just wanted to let you know this :)

  41. why dont they just say whos doing what at there concerts would the massive amount of ppl then realize whats happening. and if the news trys to cover it up the ppl at the concert have other thoughts in their minds

  42. Excellent job as always ! This really blew me away, and i thought to myself,when he jumps off the road, he flys back up. asin his bigger then the Illuminati

  43. @56 Saby

    You are right if you look closely at 2:36 Eminem is looking at the triangle with something inside in it. (not sure if it is eye).

  44. I think when he says ‘i shouldn’t have to rhyme these words in a rhythm for you to know its a rap’ that ‘rap’ is really ‘wrap’ because if you notice he draws his hand across his throat when saying it as if to say it’s finished.

  45. Very good article once again Farhan! You have a great eye for detail (excuse the pun!) and your writing skills are very professional. Looking forward to yoru future work :)

  46. well you know theres more wierd differences that appeared in the video you have saw these signs in the song (I.E)
    you see beats by dr dre near the end but if i watch it on demand you dont see it its wierd D:

  47. brilliant job FarhanK506!!

    I need to tell you, that EMINEM is turning to Islam, just like Busta, Weezy, Kanye, Snoop, T.I., Ne-Yo and sooo many more.

    The Illuminati always try to mock ALLAH, cause they know that ALLAH exist, but those faggots have chosen to follow MS LUCIFER.

    Based on my research I know who the head of the Illuminati is! His name is Jared Kushner and dont underestimate that smart kid.

    I know where the new world’s capital city will be (after the NWO gets active in 2017). That is in Astana, Kazakhstan.

    PEOPLE DONT JOIN FORUMS LIKE ATS (ABOVE TOP SECRET) etc!! Because its controlled by masons!! David Icke is a well known conspiracy theorist but I got proof that he’s an illuminati agent.

    Weezy will get out of jail november 4th, but there’s something planned. I think there’s going to be a so called “car accident”.

    We need to help this people by making it aware to many many people. They are already planning DMX, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and Weezy’s murder. Only Allah SWT can help them out, and Farhank may Allah bless for your great job I’ll see you in Jennah homie ;)

  48. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most effective examples of being born into humble circumstances and pulling oneself up by the bootstraps and happening to become one among the foremost self-assured, powerful, and successful persons in the world.

  49. First thing, GET THE LYRICS RIGHT

    He says
    “For that fuck your FILLINGS” that explains why he says CROWNED and CAPPED because thats what happens to a tooth. Its a play on words. That is the exact words from the lyric booklet. I suggest you find a better site than directlyrics.com

    tut tut

  50. I’m currently reading a book about birds which I loaned from the library, only to find random co-ordinates on random pages! Weird.

  51. @Em


  52. did anyone notice the billboard in the image above of dr. dres headphones the “beats”
    the commercial to the advertising of those headphones shows a 666 while there making em so i dunno about this whole thing..

  53. So the Elites have kept trying to destroy Michael Jackson’s image for 17 years. Eminem too had some doubts about them since then but he kept those doubts until Michael Jackson died. Eminem was lucky though, he only decided to rebel against the Elites after Michael Jackson’s passing which was when a lot of people are starting to wake up and realize what is really going on behind the scenes. Tupac and Michael Jackson are already gone, but Eminem is still alive and as long as people are waking up, Eminem won’t fall down like those before him. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to watch Eminem fight his own dark alter-ego in a duel: Eminem (AKA Marshall Mathers) vs Slim Shady. And if Eminem survives and walks out alive, then maybe there is a lesson to learn from, as I have my own alter-ego to defeat. After all, only one will survive after defeating his adversary in a duel, like in all duels. And indeed, the promise of Allah is true, insha-Allah. Wassalam, peace.

  54. if eminem wants to get out of the industry then why did he make the song with rihanna that was big time illuminati. so like i dont get it, he saying hes not afriad and want to get out but then he makes that song love the way you lie

  55. WOW man
    were are from Middle East Bahrain and we are fully suprting you man, keep it up.

    just keep making vedios and put them in youtube…please !

  56. Omg, this was just AMAZING! Bro you’re an expert and i really look up to you! Keep our work up! I read ecerything i belíve in it! FUCK all haters, an FUCK the illluminati

  57. I have a question that anyone can answer. Who was Eminem referring to when he said, “You said you was king, you lied through ya’ teeth. For that fuck ya feelins! Instead of gettin crowned you gettin capped!”

    One of my potnahz said he was talkin about T.I. but I don’t know and I’m still confused about it. Someone let me know or give your opinion. It would be much welcomed.

  58. About the part when Eminem is lookin in the mirror, I know from expirience, when Your into demonic stuff you get get a demon in you. Thus when you look in the mirror you see a distorted image of your face a lot like how it was in the video. Thats exactly what happenned to me so I know…

  59. hey i dont know if u noticed but when eminem is smashing the wall look up of the wall and on the wall u can see the image of illuminati i just wanted 2 point this out 2 c if u knew what this means metaphorically

  60. HAHAHHA this has to be the MOST stupid article EVER. And all these people commenting and trying to decipher the song! LOL

    Yea @ Paulina — he is CLEARLY refering to satan! of course!

  61. That’s real insightful. But I think he also has a bit more smarts than the others because his soul was already sold, when he decided to exercise his demons on the slim shady ep. That can also be picked up on “Relapse”, that skit he has before it goes to the song “Underground”. He alwasy turned his bad into fuel for his music. Glad he got rid of his old image tho

  62. I don’t think Em think of Shady as the past him, more like the essence of a true artist. Eminem – Talkin’ 2 Myself quote: Quit worrying about what they do and do fuckin SHADY.

  63. 1:33 when the buss takes in half of the screen, and the car beneath the pizzeria.

    The pizzeria gets centered. Right? look at the number above the pizzeria. 2216
    or 2+2+1+6 = 11

    Perhaps they still try to do things behind Em’s back

  64. Look at my previous comment BUT ALSO EM says ‘RELAX I AINT GOING BACK TO THAT PLACE NOW!!

    And he points at the pizzeria with the 2216
    MAN IM SO CONVINCED NOW, I noticed this myself, and I hope alot more people did, WOAW EM = AWESOME

  65. 1:33 when the buss takes in half of the screen, and the car beneath the pizzeria.

    The pizzeria gets centered. Right? look at the number above the pizzeria. 2216
    or 2+2+1+6 = 11

    Perhaps they still try to do things behind Em’s back

    Look at my previous comment BUT ALSO EM says ‘RELAX I AINT GOING BACK TO THAT PLACE NOW!!

    And he points at the pizzeria with the 2216
    MAN IM SO CONVINCED NOW, I noticed this myself, and I hope alot more people did, WOAW EM = AWESOME

  66. 1:33 when the buss takes in half of the screen, and the car beneath the pizzeria.

    The pizzeria gets centered. Right? look at the number above the pizzeria. 2216
    or 2+2+1+6 = 11


    And he points at the pizzeria with the 2216
    MAN IM SO CONVINCED NOW, I noticed this myself, and I hope alot more people did, WOAW EM = AWESOME

  67. Ok, this is good stuff to read, but, i have 1 question.
    If this song is bad for the ‘higher-ups’, why they let him perform it on the VMAs?

  68. thank for posting this. but in one of the music industry exposed videos you said that lots of celbrities wear the cross to taunt jeusus’s death but eminem wears on.

  69. Thank you very much my brother! I’m trying to make a presentation about the Illuminati it has more then 28 pages!!! Wow it’s very hard to tell everything about it XD
    I’m going to use this to so it will be more then 30 pages I guess :S They will say things like your crazy :P lol wish me luck! This time They will belief me (yes I did this before XD)

  70. Guys lil Wayne is free
    look at lethal injections
    ground zero orginal and remix
    I’m so over you
    ready for the world
    drop the world
    no love

  71. very good explaination Farhan! I say “fuck the Illuminati!”.
    By the way Sammy,u r full of shit and blind.Looks 2 me like the Illuminati already have u where they want u.The Illuminati are a real entity.

  72. great job!
    I feel i should do something also!! to help or add to your work.(If I’ve got right your overall message:)…)
    anyway at list i forward at least your MESSAGE,
    peace Bro, and may the ONLY GOD bless you here and after!!

    @siraf Eminem himself has to know the meaning of wearing a cross!
    peace to u and every one which visits this link.

  73. Thanks so much for this! This Needs To Get SEEN! I Have Alot Of Respect For Em. He’s Doin Something So Brave.

  74. Gassed up is a term that referrs to violent escallation…its an urban slang term…and has nothing to do with confusion or bodily gas. My clients & students, classified with emotional disorders such as oppositional defiant and conduct disorder use it all the time in class to instigate violence among two other students….

    Often one of the individuals who is being instigated will then reply back “Why you GASSin’???”

  75. Eminem: You are bloody amazing.
    Farhan: without you i would’ve missed so many things. (:

    i am deeply in awe of the both of you!

  76. Ok tell me this though. why is all the other artist in the album besides em the biggest occult artist out except lady gaga like Pink, Rhianna, Lil Wayne why has he been doing concerts with jay -z? I would like to believe what you are saying.

  77. (i.e. star jumping ) some dude named yelawolf sounds exactly like em especially during the bet awards ’10 cypher man yeah so its crazy

  78. a few things are probablt wrong and a little stretched out and a bit over exaggerated but the rest is great we all await your next video :)

  79. thanks man, great interpretation, was waiting for one to come out. looked on other sites and all u could see for their interpretaions was shit on the “illuminati” (ancient myth) and i was likw either yous are like major fing nerds or you’ve gone pshycho.

  80. AMAZING interpretation, you sure know your stuff. I watched all your videos on you-tube and they really opened my eyes up on how the world really works! keep the good word up man =)

  81. Could you possibly read into this any more? Besides, the “Going Through Changes” argument is totally taken out of context. If you continue listening after that, it’s “I’m hatin’ my reflection/I walk around the house tryin’ to fight mirrors/I can’t stand what I look like, yeah/I look fat, but what do I care?” If you’d look around, Eminem started to eat during the time after Proof’s death, it’s called depression, it usually happens after you lose your best friend.

  82. great fucking work, your fucking brilliant. do you know i hate hip hop now. are you happy? asshole telling the fucking truth and shit and making me delete shit cause I’m a strong Christian and shit. why is everything deceitful rubbish?

  83. We know that eminem is free… for now. But what about Dr. Dre? I think there is ALOT of suspicious activity going with his new album. If you remember the line for one of his songs.. it goes ” … ain’t sticking around for the illuminati “.
    well NOW people are paying attention to Dre which means whatever he puts out, promotes, or is involved with can control a lot of peoples minds. I think this Detox album may be the last nail in the coffin for mainstream music because if The Doctor sells out then it’s war on. People in L.A. know what’s real. Lady gaga and T.I. are not hip hop. We’ll see… we’ll see.

    1. i thought the same thing about detox, but i’m dying to heard it. and to add it the beats by dr dre logo looks like a 6.

  84. I don’t see why people are giving you abuse for it, you’re doing a great job, so what if you get one or two things wrong? You’re getting the main idea across and helping people understand the situation better. Atleast you’re bothering to make a difference in this messed up world, unlike these dim wits, all they can do is criticize. I don’t see them making any effort…

  85. Quotes from eminem last album Recovery:

    “I feel like me again, so let me formally reintroduce myself to you for those of you who dont know
    The new me’s back to the old me and homie I don’t show no
    Signs of slowin up, oh and I’m blowin up all over
    My life is no longer a movie but the shows aint over homos
    I’m back with a vengeance homie weezy keep ya head up
    T.I. keep ya head up, Kanye keep ya head up
    Don’t let up, keep slayin em
    Rest in Peace to DJ AM
    Cause I know what its like
    I struggle with this shit every single day”

    “Fuck catching lightnin
    He struck it
    Screamed shut up and thunder,
    Flipped the world upside down and made it rain upward
    Cinderella man
    Cinderella man
    Cinderella man
    Cinderella man”

    Eminem talking to “the rap game”:

    Don’t think I’m loyal
    All I do is rap
    How can I moonlight on the side
    I have no life outside of that
    Don’t I give you enough of my time
    You don’t think so do you
    Jealous when I spend time with the girls (eminem’s kids)
    Why I’m married to you still man I don’t know
    But tonight I’m serving you with papers
    I’m divorcing you
    Go marry someone else and make em famous
    And take away their freedom like you did to me

    All I ever felt was this
    Imprisoned by a selfish bitch

    But this time imma
    Ain’t changing my mind
    I’m climbing out this abyss
    You screaming as I walk out that I’ll be missed
    But when you spoke to people who meant the most to you
    You left me off your list
    Fuck you hip-hop
    I’m leaving you, my life sentence is served bitch

    1. EMINEM

      YEAH, YEAH,
      FOLLOW ME,



      IT’S OH SO COLD,
      OH SO COLD!







      FE FI FO FUM


  86. Check the lyrics that are provided with the album. For example you said, “But it’s time to exercise these demons, these mother fuckers are doing jumping jacks now”, actually as written it reads, “/but it’s time to exorcise these demons, these motherfuckers are doing jumpin’ jacks now.” Notice the spelling of words. Keep up the good work.

  87. LOL
    just another NWO freaks
    with a paranoid symptomps
    living in their own world
    striving to overcome their sense of inferiority.

  88. In the photo with eminem’s reflection you can see that the symbol of illuminati is formed with his hands and their reflection

  89. So if this was the case, then why in the world did he win so many awards? How could they let that happen if they were about to bring him down? And, how could they let this song, “Not Afraid” be played so much on the radio if this is the real meaning? If anything I felt like “Recovery” was a rebirth into the Illuminati and they made him famous after he submitted yet again…The overplaying of his music on the radio and the amount of awards he won are what make me think this. You mentioned he wasnt on the cover of a magazine? So what? It doesnt compare to the radio attention and the attention he gets when he wins multiple awards in one night…

  90. “Holla”, what does he mean with that? Just like 2pac said in one of his songs: “Holla ma set”, And “married to the game”, just like lil’wayne in No love: “married to the game, but she broke her vows”

  91. he is defenitely refering to satan, it’s plain in his song. it’s not about drugs or any other shit and am glad he is taking this stand and i wish him all the best

  92. @sami oh no
    not afraid was only on the billboards for a week
    and at the mtv awards did eminem pick up his awards or just leave
    kurt cobain was aganist illuminati and was killed

  93. this illuminati thing is getting creepy
    i used to love emin3ms songs with violence and i didnt like recovery bcoz it was kinda serious but this album came out for a reason and i love it now

  94. @Lilmissme me too
    but i think he will
    If aaf is controlled by the uliminati they will certainly get out with eminem
    Did you see the clip of These days:P

  95. @sami maybe they didn’t notice or they thought he did it without meaning something with it
    look around you find signs everywhere even at Disney films you will find pagan signs

  96. @alejandro What was the time in the movie?
    The sign of the illuminati is the the unfinished pyramid with the eye of horus/ra on it.
    It can also be just a triangle with the point up

  97. You guys over analyse things…jeez stop living so up tight and thinking you are being controlled. Choice is here to stay kids, no one can force it down your throat. Envoking Renaissance stuff like Illuminati is insanity. At the end of the day we conform to everything, never forget you have free will.

  98. people who turn the other way and say everything is over analysized clearly show how stupid our society is and that’s a prime example showing how they get away with this

    also, i’m pretty sure the “wake up” was put there on purpose just because movie/music video sets are always made to extreme detail and observed to perfection

  99. brilliant. I have been hearing things like Eminem is still with the Illuminati, but I had a strong feeling from his lyrics, that he’s against them, and this article confirms that fact.

  100. @ 1:33 above 24-hour market is the number 2216. TC-2216 is a drug developed by Targacept which acts as a partial agonist at neural nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and is being researched for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

  101. @Chris Stowe and EVERYONE which have same feelings,,,do you think people that, these “messages” should be spreaded? do you think WE (interested and touched by these facts) should write in small papers/adesive and attach in every place, in each one of our cities? (SAVE EMINEM,, WHY EMINEM IS DEPRESSED,,Eminems-NOT AFRAID-ANALYASIS,,and every thing atractive to knowledge,,) ,,then maybe mOre people will by CD, know and pray for EMINEM. maybe EMINEM himself can see:)…
    waiting for your feedback.
    Sincerely Yours
    From THE COMMON GROUND..peace!

  102. dude thiz shitz amaziningly wicked n it changes the way i think, live, n rap… my lyrics are completely different now n for that i think u for giving me so much knowlge.

  103. you missed a huge part of the video when eminem is punching throw the brick wall if you look very carefully you can the a faint pyramids and eye and the graffiti.

  104. wtf i discovered the pyramid i said it first i found it so all the haters leave I found something in Not Afraid theres a Pyramid on the wall and he smashes through it. 2:36 pause Not Afraid and look at the wall closely you see a Pyramid with a eye. Eminem then smashes the wall. tell me if i’m wrong people

  105. Well your work is awesome farhan, Mashallah good approach, you got a spelling mistake at this verse

    # This fucking black cloud still follows me around
    # But it’s time to exercise these demons
    # These mother fuckers are doing jumping jacks now

    here, you used exercise but its not exercise, its exorcise, and that means trying to lure demons out, anyways

    you ve done a great job .. you really seem to be a good critic anyways,

  106. @Suby & Home,, You’r right,, i see the piramide at least is clear,,
    so he did it,,, “I did it for me
    Admittedly I probably did it subliminally for YOU-”,,, for us,, pray for Eminem people..
    Great Job Fahran..

  107. When I was “CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET”, I found an old CD of Eminem aka “THE REAL SLIM SHADY”. I started listening to it and “SANG FOR THE MOMENT”. I have always been a “STAN” of Eminem and WITHOUT HIM(ME) I think I might LOSE MYSELF(YOURSELF). And, “TILL I COLLAPSE” I want to fly like a “MOCKING BIRD” or even better as “SUPERMAN, because “WHEN IM GONE” I want to let everyone know that my life was “BEAUTIFUL”. I am “NOT AFRAID” to hit “ROCK BOTTOM” because I was born “LIKE A TOY SOLIDER”.So, every morning I wake up at “3AM” to “CRACK A BOTTLE” and “JUST LOSE IT” because that is just “THE WAY I AM”…a motherfucking “SOLIDER”. -DSINGH

  108. Nice summary man, you are my idol.
    Hey look at the song 25 to life- it refers to the music industry (Illuminati) a lot :).

  109. I can see that some of us are bit awake about this matter. I could even see people who “overshoot” a bit… It’s all good , though. The question is : How are we supposed to move come that day?

  110. its amazing how many people know. if only we could do somethin bigger than tellin everybody. we need 2 b quick like rebellion, but dat mite get many innocent people killed. we need a global plan and get as much involved.

  111. Pretty good interpretation. This song, plain and simple, is about addiction and what a recovering drug addict goes through in their fight to regain control of their lives. This whole album saved my life from the pits of that hell and this song in particular was very powerful as the album released just as I got clean. There is no need to overanalyze it as somebody who is not an addict will never understand: the feeling of being a puppet, the point at which you are no longer afraid to face life because you’ve already been to hell, literally locking yourself in a dingy basement, and the metaphorical “Leap of Faith that is taken when one finally tries something new. Good job–and all you people overanalyzing and creating conspiracy theories, give me a f***ing break!

  112. hey guys…? do you also see the “man” or the “thing” who stands and stare at eminem at the “puppet-picture” ? … the thing is standing right beside the stairs..

  113. wallah,man good job i liked the way u analyzed the whole song, keep on informing us of whats going on behind the scene , Check out the album “Raw Footage” for ice cube this guy is crazy & massively aware of whats going on and he is saying it out so loud , but the problem with ppl is that they are only lsning to the songs but not “Hearing” , there is an awesome song called “SOUL ON ICE” he is talking about how he is hanging on to his Christianity, to his religion ,instead of worshiping the devil for money & fame and in the other hand living in cage and a fake life, its really an amazing song with west-coast impressive beat :D i guess the name of the song explains everything, its in the new album check it out “I AM THE WEST” in fact he is…

    Respect from a Muslim ..

  114. does any one notice that eminems songs that have been released havent done well in the charts wud this have something to do with it ? not afriad love the way you lie and no love are all number ones to me maybe thats jus my opinion ? i think ur 10 part series n illuminati is rele interesting and has opened m eyes to the industry it made me think and i might be lookin into it to much but the colour that resembles the devil is red ? and rihanna dies her hair red which in turn many of her fans will follow her and dye there hair cud this be the illuminati at work ?

  115. everybody pause at 2:35 look up on the wall u can see the pyramid with an eye which eminem is smashing now im convinced that eminem is getting out everybody we have 2 show this 2 everyone

  116. Wow this post enlightened me! Thanks man :)

    Just something interesting I found…

    Eminem raps “Admittedly I probably did it subliminally for you”

    At the final line, “Holla if you feel that you’ve been down the same road”. You noted that he also puts his hand next to his mouth vertically as if to pass on a message quietly and discretely.

    Perhaps that’s a subliminal message there. So I reversed that line, and it sounds clearly like “Oh I miss my family and everything I ever loved”.

    I don’t know if its a coincidence, but in his song “My Name is” you could reverse the line “My Name is… Slim Shady” to get “It’s Eminem” (see YouTube videos on that). So he probably knew how to purposely put backward messages from the start.

  117. Hola!
    love your website!
    muy interesaste la explicacion del video, me
    gusta mucho esta cancion, y ahora mas que la entiendo
    visitare con regularidad el sitio.

  118. Look at 1.35 You see a laptop from dr dre, with a sunglass standart next to it. a hot during a second, but i think it has a meaning. Wasn’t it dr dre who introduced him to the industry ? maybe it means something that dr dre is watching on him, or otherwise that they are watching dr dre.

    Just some speculations

  119. You need to cover Tu Pac more in your videos. The whole Killuminati thing, and so much more. Also cover Kanye and Jay Z, etc. vast symbolism.

    For example:

    “I’m hatin’ my reflection, I walk around the house tryin’ to fight mirrors”

    Tu Pac:
    “What is it we all fear, reflections in the mirror
    We can’t escape fate, the end is gettin nearer”

    “Can’t close my eyes cause all I see is terror
    I hate the man in the mirror
    Cause his reflection makes the pain turn realer”

    Tu Pac:
    “I’m seein nuttin but my dreams comin true
    While I’m starin at the world through my rearview”

    “(They got me) starin at the world through my rearview
    Go on baby scream to God, he can’t hear you”

    The first song is “Who do you believe in?” which Eminem later used as part of a remix. The second is “starin at the world through my rearview”. I think this whole mirror thing is a reference to the same topics Tu Pac was talking about, and Eminem is very aware of it.

    The idea is that people without souls are afraid to look into a mirror, this is in many vampire mythologies. Eminem is “trying to fight mirrors” because he is trying to fight the idea that he has sold his soul.

    Tu Pac mentions how “we” (people that have sold their soul), are afraid of reflections in the mirror, but it is now their fate. Again, he has sold his soul and cannot get it back. He hates his reflection in the mirror, because it makes it clear to him what he has done.

    Now in the song “staring at the world through my rearview” Tu Pac is almost suggesting that he is looking at his situation through the perspective of the mirror, in other words “through” it. This can be taken as him seeing his situation through the idea of having sold his soul and now being “evil”, which has seen him see all his dreams come true… as in a contract with the devil.

    “(They got me) starin at the world through my rearview” this quote suggests he is stuck looking through the rearview out of his free will. “Go on baby scream to God, he can’t hear you” the word “baby” seems to suggest a female love interest, but it can also refer to a younger version of himself before the contract, a “pure” version that has not made the deal. His purity can scream to god, but he is impressioned on the wrong side, and it is his sealed fate.

    1. Thank you for the link. I’ve seen it, it’s quite upsetting.
      May be Farhan Khan will explain it in more detail in his new video
      ‘INDIGO’ when it released.

  120. @joered. what the hell are u talking about change gonna come?lol.the scene there came from the empire state of mind by jay z. You don’t believe that eminem is trying to get rid off illuminati? Remember that eminem, was a puppet before.will you just watch the videos related on this? so you cud write better comments ok?

    *do you notice the song love the way you lie with rihanna? Eminem there is somewhat uncomfortable. And also, the lyrics was good except in the chorus w/c sang by rihanna. Maybe eminem requested(he needs to do it for now) to write the verses of the song but not the chorus. The chorus messed the whole song. But many people who don’t know how to rap memorize only the chorus right?.The chorus messed the whole song.

  121. Man. Your videos and analysis’ are awesome! I watched them all like 3 times, because i showed them to so many people. You have brought my mind to a new light :O I respect you for having the skills to make these videos and analysis’. You rock !

  122. Amazing analysis Farhan.
    I just have one comment, which you might call a question, but could it be that the lines,
    “It’s time to exercise these demons
    These motherfuckers are doing jumping jacks now”
    mean that it’s going to be harder for them to try and bring Eminem down instead of already taking action towards what he’s done?

    Just a thought :)

  123. Awesome analysis man!
    Do you think at the long round they gonna take Eminem of the spotlight or even worse kill him? Pleae reply.

  124. Hi All

    The Illuminate is real and they will be dominant as it is written the holy scriptures depicts satan offering Jesus the Pleasures of Sin if he bows down to satan , The free masons must reign for a season , as it is scriptural so all Eminem needs to do is repent and be baptised in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ all the analysis is futile as God requires us to be a living sacrifice and not partake of this Evil hour.

  125. man….eminem is still with the music industry. This song is released to fool all the people waking up to the illuminati.They want to control eveything,even the opposition if u know anything about them.So they fake E#minem getting clean…check out I Love the way you lie,also on recovery, with Rihanna,whos illluminati.watch mtv 2010 music awards where eminem performs not afraid,then Rihanna comes in with red(devil),saying i love the way u lie,telling everyone Eminem is trying to fool idiots with this Not Afraid video.any thoughts?

  126. guys..the illuminati are on him
    if you read any website that features his video, you will realize that some ‘people’ are asking him to become Shady again.

    And oh, one website (can’t remember which one) that ask him to be Shady again has the number 666 as the baackground?


  127. @amazing… you may be have right and may be not!!we can´t know it now.. but one thing is already clear,, the devil plays with details,, and in collaboration with Eminem or forcing him,, can make every one of us, confusing,, and when we are confused,, we are so far from the right path,, we start being nervous for the show,, and we will never be able to help our selfs and other,, the question is HOW WE CAN GET CLEAN THOUGHTS?,,, just tell me if am wrong.. peace!

  128. here’s something that i realize

    at the beginning, when em says ‘to that place’, he points at a building in black behind him

    it somehow bugs me, can anyone give me some heads-up???

  129. My apologies to the author of the analysis. One of my students tried to pass it off as his. Must admit – you’ve done a great job!

  130. @ kbz_13

    What I noticed. Is that, he points at that place twice but with opposite meanings. Confusing. (Watch it again)

    Very interesting read though. It seems you hadn’t noticed the word play.

    Exercise – Exorcise. -> Jumping Jacks is an Exercise.

  131. Id just like to point out what i just noticed, at 3:35 hes flying and it disturbs a man on a computer and wrecks the mans papers, and everything, the man was on a Dre laptop, and marshall isnt giving him even a second look. also i think this is the first time marshall has sported a cross on his neck.

  132. ive also noticed, his new dominant pose is him placing his hand over his heart and pushing out, he does this A LOT, like hes pushing them away and protecting himself.

  133. Eminem and other celebrities not willing to give into the Illuminati should all stand up against them they can’t kill all of em at the same time.

  134. I really do hope Eminem is ”getting out”. But, there is a very strange feeling about this video and the alleged rumors of him being against the evil that continues to grow in the industry. What do we really know? It is just a bit too obvious to be true.

    As someone pointed out, he repeats a lot of hand gestures many times to really emphasize them. Why? The message in the lyrics are already strong enough and very, very easy to understand. Even people who usually don’t listen to rap get the message. Is he overdoing it? Eminem has written some more complex lyrics and this isn’t one of them.

    Since 2009, Eminem changed his usual blonde hair color to a more natural brown one, perhaps to present himself as more authentic to his true persona. But if he really did come back more true to himself, why did he commit suicide in the video and further on resurrected as a superman? There is something illogical about it. Why kill yourself if you are true to yourself? Is he killing his true values and morals to gain new fame and fortunes from the “dark side”? In the video his eyes looks very dark and empty, maybe it’s just the light…

    He reenters the music scene with a somewhat “changed” image and ready to “take a stand” but what is his new burning passion about (eyes still looks dead)? You can’t “take a stand” against something by joining it. Making collaborations with the “enemy” and accepting awards from the same forces you clearly claim to despise is NOT regarded as taking a stand. Come to think of it, this looks more and more like a show for the sheeples.

    And this is nothing new. Eminem has done it before with the song called “Without Me” where he says “ They tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me” etc. He then performs it live. Where? On the MTV Movie Awards of course, once again with the superman theme.

    Adding extra confusion is his low-key attitude about the whole ordeal. If he is taking a stand, like he so blatantly is doing in his lyrics, why doesn’t it show in his actions? Just a thought…

    “Don’t just bump your heads to the music. Listen to the lyrics and hold us accountable for it.”

    @ amazing (comment 201): Thank you for pointing it out.

  135. I’m now watching THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Eminem’s Depression Part 10… So you mean that he collaborates with Rihanna and MTV just to spread the message? Why then doesn’t he speak up about it like Michael Jackson did or leave the industry like Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) did? I think he’s trying to mix oil and water… Anyone?

  136. I say you’re just analyzing to the drumbeat. Please, play a little experience into it, because those people are not always suffering… they’re all are witnesses. Let’s show some support to our other halfs that could’ve been us, huhh? ;) Support might have the power to go both ways, in the end.

  137. Nice article man !
    I’m glad Slim Shaddy is out of this crap… seriously… I’m already telling my friends about this ‘Illuminati’ stuff. I just can’t believe what people do for fame and money.
    If one day they kill Eminem, I will die inside.

  138. Ok? Your analysis is incorrect. He is clearly speaking of the illuminati, and how that LED him to drugs. I’m not going to go indepth explaining but here’s how it goes. The illuminati may offer you something evil as long as you do what they want ( subliminal messaging etc) They may offer you drugs,money,women and the highest level in the music career. This is what eminem had/has. The ” Go to that place to get to this one” Is reffering to the way that you sort of have to be apart of the illuminati to get to a high level in the industry because they are the media and the media is pretty much how we find out about all the latest jams.

  139. the part
    ‘You said you was king, you lied through your teeth’
    is he on about the higher-ups?

    ‘For that fuck your feelings, instead of getting crowned you’re getting capped’ it sounds its ment as hes gonna get them, expose them. like they aint gonna win him. hes gonna finnish them.
    or is that just me thinkin that?

    anyway, EMINEM<3 all the way!

  140. dude farhank is awesome…i never knew that the illuminatis were real and i used to bully one of my friend coz he belived the illuminatis exist…after whatching his music industry exposed videos i really belive…

  141. You ask how we stop them how can we help eminem well we can all stop the illumanti if we want to we are the fans we can make them rise and fall so just boycott any illumanti artist and spread the word and they’ll have to sooner or later fall back to zero the power is not really in their hands its in the hand of the majority of the fans cause its our money we pay for the albums, concerts, and products they sell to us and if you stop buying their products they get pushed back and in years to come they’ll end up with nothing cause any affiliation with demons is a tricky game, see the demons will give fame and fortune but they always tend to fuck up some way or another and when a celebrity ends up in a sticky spot that’s the moment they decide to revise their life and they realize they have been thrown in to the blistering cold so we can help them by spreading the word and boycotting and you’ll see the results.

  142. The wake up part on the bus was NOT a coincidence in ur series u said so ur self whatever u see was meant 2 be there.Its a controlled environment remember?


  144. yo dude,

    there is (i can be wrong) a illuminati symbol in the video…

    when he is cracking the wall, there is a small hole, and the stones are in some kind of shape: the pyramid

  145. This is amazing, I’ve been listening and doin’ research on everything, I’m only 17 and I’m out of my depth here. All I want to tell you people is.. We need to watch Eminem, otherwise they will kill him just like Michael Jackson.. Some bizzare occourances like “Eminem started drugs and died from overdose” You know I’m right and I know your right. I just don’t know what to do. I live in England and I don’t have even the slightest how to have Eminems back! :( I feel f**kin’ hopeless. Sorry Em!

  146. Well where he says “fuck your feelings instead of getting crowned you getting capped” people are saying what he actually says is “fuck your fillings” and talking about lil wayne who before going to jail had 10 fillings , and maybe he envy’s him like in the song going through changes he even points out he was gonna diss lil wayne

  147. Wow. There were rumors about this entire thing at my school today. I then proceeded to look at all of your videos. Incredible. I now see, and realize what is happening to our music industries. I particularly like your analysis on Rhiannas’ “Umbrella” and the the pose she did. That really caught my eye.

    Although, I do think there is more depth in “Not Afraid” Then you give it credit for. If you really pick it apart, you can see much more than what you have said.
    I really liked what was said about “25 to Life”. When I read the lyrics, I was 100 percent impressed. I thought it was about the relatioinship, but it was the Satanic messages, which he finally understands are real. And for “Black and White” by Michael Jackson. I loved the interpritation of that.

    I pray for Eminem, he’s my favorite rap artist, mostly because of his lyrics in Recovery.

    I do believe that his album is named “Recovery” not because of his recovery from drug abuse after Proof died, but his recovery from the music industry. I think it’s his recovery from the all of the messages.

    Again, this was all incredible. I really loved watching this, and it definatly caught my eye. But why would the artists “write the contract in their blood” ? Was that real? And why would the artists openly discuss how they “sold their soul to Satan” ?

    Thank you,

  148. When he said “its time to exercise these demons, these motha fuckers are doing jumping jacks now” to exercise a demon is to get rid of them, to expel them. He adds that last line as just a metaphor But he is trying to take control of the situation instead of being the puppet like yo said…

  149. An opportunity where a very popular artist realizes the truth and makes a stand is every few long years….Other artists better take this opportunity to be on Eminem’s side or they may never have this opportunity again, or worse, they may have to stand up alone…

  150. in his song “No Love” the verse /set fire to the mic, and ignite the crowd, you can see the sparks from hot metal/ is a reference to the divine spark, Alchemy.

  151. I love your work, I wanted to add something to the “puppet” seen throughout the video. When he says, “relax I’m not going back to that”. He points his thumb backwards and the camera turns away from the puppet. In the back right where he is pointing. The object that appears there is a little blurred, but looks exactly like the same puppet.

  152. It’s also interesting to note that one of the buses has a partially visible advertisement with the words “wake up” shown for a fraction of a second. There are 3 plausible explanations for this:

    1. It is a coincidence (which I believe it to be).
    2. The advertisement is real and the production crew only noticed this during post-processing of the video and decided to keep the “wake up” part only.
    3. The “wake up” advert was intentional and planned.

    Please don’t tell me that you actually believe that the “Wake Up” part on the bus is coincidence. it’s not. go to theindustryexposed.com and take a look on how all subliminals are pointed out. The “Wake Up” is as coincidental as Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video is. Basically, NOT.

  153. 2:58 MIN did anyone notice the word FISH on the building? .most pawns wear fake crosses, EM’s looks real no loud, fancy, keltic look. I PRAY THAT HE GETS SAVED IF HE ISNT ALREADY. Jesus is the only way He already went to the cross for his soul, and yours and mine too. I PRAY THAT HE USES HIS TALENT FOR CHRISTIAN MUSIC.

  154. As the sublime prince of the royal secret,32 degree Master Mason and a 45 year old white male recovering Addict, alchohol, meth, oxy etc. I know and feel what hes talking about in “Not Afraid”. There are two meanings one about the industry itself using him and the other about his addiction and the drug using him. both can be interchanged.If there ever was an artist and a song I can relate to its this man and I pray for him.

  155. Interestingly enough, a few frames or so before he smashes the brick wall, you can see the all seeing eye near the top of the wall, which seems to be what he punches first in the next shot.

  156. thats really deep. i didnt even think of it that way until i read this and watched all 11 of your series. i didnt even know things like the illumanti exsisted. when i watched the video on eminems depression in the series i geeked out cause i love eminem even though he practically is a stranger to me. i really hope that the illumanti doesnt get to him because i know if they do there will be a big uproar, this wont go unnoticed and i know that, like legit. i hope he doesnt get hurt and i hope em gets out of the vicious cycle b4 anything bad happens!!!

  157. I just have a question. If Eminem is really trying to get out from under someone’s thumb, why not publicily announce “Hi everyone! There is an evil group of people trying to controll you all. I used to be with them, but not anymore!”

  158. Then Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

    Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


  159. I personally have been studying the whole illuminati contest for around two years and you videos and analisys are correct but I think there is one song that also states these ideas with references to ‘Poof’ in ‘You’re never over’ and I think you should check it out.

  160. Hey guys!
    Look at 1:52! The first poster make 200 and the one beside it says ”One pharmacy”
    2001 = World Trade Center
    By the way great job!

  161. Man…. What happened to Eminem…. I hope he goes back to how he was when he released The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP, good times…..

  162. # Ok quit playin’ with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap
    # I shouldn’t have to rhyme these words
    # In the rhythm for you to know it’s a rap
    # You said you was king, you lied through your teeth
    # For that fuck your feelings
    # Instead of getting crowned you’re getting capped

    This line is to lil wayne as he insulted eminem in his interview and said he is nothing infront him and hes ready to battle and etc…. rest is explain clearly

  163. Why was the illuminati trying to kill Michael Jackson for 17 years?

    I really see how the higher-ups have an agenda, but I don’t see what killing Proof had to do with it. Was it just some ritualistic stuff that is actually pretty deep shit, like mysticism or something like that?

  164. If Em is so Illuminati was does his album art booklet for this album show him covering one eye? Yet more contradictions for you Illuminati losers…

  165. Sorry, I meant If Em is so anti-Illuminati was does his album art booklet for this album show him covering one eye? Yet more contradictions for you Illuminati losers…

  166. thats crazy einems always been my favorite rapper nd i never reized all hes goint thru… dem if theres any way i can help i would i guess ill keep supportinig for now

  167. READ THESE POSTS and you will also see something revealing the Illuminati…
    Too much Bickering and fighting, I’ve done it also so I focus on topic and realize that we all know REAL reckognizes REAL..you will have Pranksters sabotage everything..they can get you to fight..Start Drama…

    I am not all pleasant with ONE LOVE etc but its gonna be required!!!..
    1)Question the Posts that Try to debunk the claims made…You can see some that are far too detailed…and some are too dumbed up….Be a Detective
    2)Realize they know you are a DETECTIVE..so BEWARE some trying to Prove more Illuminati FACTS know you might go and Verify and find out its not true! so you get all excited and post like crazy that its all a lie..GO WITH FACTS and DONT just Run with with one Debunk I have seen 1000 Valid and daily examples of Illuminati..and I have seen obvious exxagerations in some of these pieces..But a 98% is close enough for me
    3)Realize that inherint to the claims on here or on YOUTUBE that this man could be trying to trick you into “thinking you have it all solved”…I think he is Genuine,but in case he is not..JUST BE AWARE.HE WOULD AGREE WITH ME…He isn’t Shoving anything down your throats..he is telling you how people do..so Call it Paranoia??SO WHAT..Paranoia is Awareness…

  168. “Eminem’s drug addiction became strong when his best friend, DeShaun (aka Proof) died.”
    That’s very interesting. I want everyone to look at the lyrics from a Proof song called “kurt kobain.” another famous artist that had died and is believed to be killed by Illuminati as well. This is probably a hidden way of telling eminem, which is basically who this song is targeted at that he must be brave and don’t let the money change him < straight from his lyrics.
    Here are the lyrics to Kurt Kobain – Proof.

    [Proof Talking]
    This my last letter right here
    Fuck this world, lets get the fuck outta here

    I put my soul through the ink
    Bless a path with thoughts at my thoughts
    Before I grow extinct
    My back-bone disowned by zone
    Why roam? called home
    But now on I'm all alone
    Just Proof, no shine, no friends, just fans
    No wonder my hands, tight where the Internet ends
    I take back most of the flack
    The stress smokes, press me close to the crack
    Like my pops, the ghost of my past
    Dime and mud, JD and stucky
    Lately I'm lucky, I don't hate me to touch me
    Maybe I'm ugly inside, but smiling to make it
    I love you dawg, and that's how ever you take it
    The fame is a illusion, I'm still loosing
    In this game, with the rules and..
    I feel clueless, the streets with the hills blue less
    Cops knocking at the door, got me looking real foolish
    But I still do this, like I love it, even though I thug it
    Keep flossing lights in public, the subject y'all don't know
    Stars won't grow, who would dream that scars would show?
    Minus the MTV videos with slim
    "Up In Smoke" D-12, and many shows with Em
    It's still me dawg, no change for change
    It's strange, when it pours it rains
    I take it back..

    I wish I could take it back, I wish I could take it back
    But it's too late
    I wish I could take it back, I wish I could take it back
    But it's too late

    Always talking to snuk coke and he speak back
    Wish my first son was here to reach at
    Feeling detached
    My brother Earl, and Wayne, that bail money for jail, y'all can keep that
    I've been in deep before, ask (stalemen?)
    My hearts melting, tell the truth, I need help man
    I hearts big but by sins bigger
    Fuck the world, I don't feel like I can win niggaz
    It's like I'm lost and I find only demons
    I wanna quit, its like I'm tired of breathing
    So my stress confess to a famous song
    Em I love you, don't let this money change us dawg
    1st born, when I'm gone, grab the sign
    (Leave nothing?) with his cream and his mom
    And dear mamma, I use to hate you
    Now I relate to, everything you did to make proof
    I love you..
    Take it back

    I wish I could take it back, I wish I could take it back
    But it's too late
    I wish I could take it back, I wish I could take it back
    But it's too late

    All y'all see is Free from 106 and park
    Yall don't know I risk my heart with this apart
    From the streets, the groups, the friends, the foes
    The jewels, the dick lickers and the hoes
    What about me?
    Sheltered with no guidance
    Look at the finest, royal highness on some hot shit
    Still living with the liquor and bud
    Sometimes I wish for my demise, so I can kick it with Bugs
    I wish it was real between us all
    In the past, you should of seen us dawg
    I die for Em and save Haley, brave maybe
    But just let them tears remove my grave Shady
    Kunive and Swift, how live is it get?
    I meant to teach y'all niggaz to survive in this bitch
    If we die to be rich, that makes me happy
    And on another note, shit, don't hate me pappy
    It's just that we look the same, you let the game take you
    Your son game along and took the game
    Since I took my own life, y'all feel a killa fo sho
    Bizarre on the real, your the realest nigga I know
    Strapping and busting ain't real, just tell your mans the truth
    And that's why you've always been friends with Proof
    Answer to all, I've always lied with truth
    And before I pull the trigger tonight, I'm proud of you..

  169. Uhm , i Wanted To Ask Something private about eminem, if theres anyway that i could contact you about eminem.cause There might be something that you would want to hear or maybe it could be possible. So just when you get this reply me back at My E-mail

  170. Superb job.

    On a side note, notice the “Beats by Dr Dre” poster at the end of the video. I just thought it was pretty funny :P

  171. anyone who thinks eminem has left the illuminati are wrong he is still their puppet he still runs with jay z and rihanna who are welll known for their illuminati connections all he is doing is playin with ur minds he is still a part of the system and I don’t follow his illuminati B.S

  172. @Joered The Sign ‘We’ and What who is he talking to? The Fans, What he is trying to say is ‘We Can Do this together’
    Also, You say the Laptop shows a sense of control? Did you look on the bin? NYC Police Department, ‘the Police is being Controlled’ Also, a second later the same guy with the laptop, Is sat next to papers, Showing that the papers are being controlled. and when eminem zooms past, the guy looks at him with a WTF Face.

    That lady in the white and black stripe dress, you say that she shows protection? ever to thought Hes showing that whereever you go, you are always being watched.

    you mention the manicans in the car, He is showing ‘was’ a puppet, then he walks into the mirriors, Reflecting back on what has gone on. Hence why he says ‘I’m still trying to figure this crap out’ he is Looking back at what has been going on and waht is going on.

    Then he runs and brakes through the mirrior and the wall saying ‘ I just can’t keep living this way’ I.e He has look back on himself, Seen that he is a puppet and seen that he is corrupting minds. So He breaks out, into the ‘real world’ Where everything is destroyed and messed up. He also Stares at an All seeing Eye on the Wall, And punches it, also saying ‘I just can’t keep living this way’ Then He puts on a ‘shocked face’, Resembling how bad it really is and that he cannot believe what he was doing.

    When he is falling, He is Setting his spirit free. and the blood stains, simple saying that Death to the old him. You say that is a demon’s eyes looking down on him/Always watching him. Where is a Security Camera? What do they act like? eyes, hes saying we are being watched.

    He also Keeps pointing back to the Dolls and Numbers Such as 2216 and says i aint going back to that now and walks away from it.

    Also, He done songs with Lil Wayne, To diss him in his own songs. Aslo, maybe in Love the way you lie, Rhianna is saying to Eminem and all her fans, ‘You just gunna stand there while i turn into this? It’s all right, I like it. also, Maybe Eminem has been saying to Rhianna that they are bad and she needs to get out…First Few Line

    ‘I love the way you lie

    I can’t tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like’

    On Megan fox’s Hand 553=13 0936=18=3×6 He says I can’t tell you what it really is? Ill fight while i can fight? fight against 666

  173. Has anyone noticed that when eminem sees his reflection in the car window there is a sign reflecting with visa mastecard AE. could his expretion be in disgust related to the reflection.?or “The black cloud”?

  174. Thank you so much….all of your work has opened my eyes to a world I had no idea about. It all makes so much sense to me now. I’ve read and watched videos about the Illuminati and until today had no idea how deep Eminem was involved. Ive listened to Eminems entire Recovery CD, I felt like he was talking about something much deeper that I didn’t quite understand until I discovered your videos. Your interpretation of this song is amazing. Thank you again for all of your hard work.

  175. Thank u soo much i hope u keep goin i watched ur sries about “The Music Industry Exposed” and it’s sooo gd i hope u keep goin , and thanks again

  176. I’m a believer of Christ, I do read the bible. My friends asked me why I still listen to “gang rap” and cursed words in these songs…I guess you helped me in my answer, Farhan. Thank you, you revealed the truth to the world. God bless you

  177. Celebrities wont help eminem, and wont try to oppose the illuminaties as there is too much BLACK ccelebrities, and as u know, mj and 2pac were the last 2 BLACK celebrities that opposed them, Black celebrities dont give a fuck as long as they have money and bitches.

  178. I think a lot of what these celebs don’t realize is that your soul isn’t yours to sell in the first place. The only thing that keeps you away from God is not accepting Jesus. And maybe that’s what these Celebs don’t understand after they’ve “sold” their souls. They can still be saved. Satan CAN’T control them once they accept Jesus because God is all-powerful, and he can (and will) destroy Satan. Em needs to keep walking away from these guys, and I hope that he isn’t shot like 2pac or overdoses on pain medication (alledgedley) like MJ. God Bless you Em.

  179. Dude, your stuff is deep man. Really inspirational! keep it up man, would love to know about other artists and Lyrics too!

  180. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I could of done this analysis myself, everything you said is exactly what i thought and started telling my sibs. But i have to hand it to you that you are very perceptive at the images in the video that some of I couldn’t see… Perfect…. Im so proud of Eminem..
    I think he could be the first Celeb to free himself and maintain his fame without being controlled and as well, possibly influence other huge stars to do the same.
    Lets see…YAY!!!

  181. daM All diZ iZ crAzii bt at dA sAme tiMe soo tRu i reAll wish i c0uld hElp EM :( i fEEl sAd fA hiM reAl tAlk iM christiAn mAself nd reAd da bible bt still listEN t0 music i ain p0se t0 listen 2..i cAint help it th0 wen i kn0 itz wr0nq aniiwAii mii p0int iz i kn0 b0ut God nd i kn0 dAt if all diz b0ut Em iz tru God is definatly funna sAve him PRAY PRAY PRAY!! i reAlly wish diz w0uld qet t0 Em it w0uld hElP hiM soo much.:WHAT DEMONS DNT LIKE TO HEAR…1 JUAN 3:8, HECHOS 10:38,COLOSENSES 2:15, HEBREOS 2:14-15, LUCAS 10:18-19, ISAIAS 14:12-17,APOCALIPSIS 12:11 ND MORE FA DOSE OF YALL WHO NEED DIZ KINDA HELP! we hav sumwt of power to chanqe da world…WAKE UP PPL!!

  182. Nice analyse, I hope everyone opens their eyes and WAKES up, keep up the good work i am very impressed with your Youtube channel, and the facts you give.

  183. ok .. very hard core analysis. I have to admit after hearing that song Ive also
    didn’t wont to believe .. but lets see what we cant see about him that’s not sad
    -Story Cinderella (unknown girl), we have Eminem song “Cinderella man” a.k.a Rain Man
    -Pyramid with aye/lamp check link http://tinyurl.com/679ab5x
    - 2 songs with Rhianna and Lil Wayne (on music video behind Lil Wayne always letter G)

    off topic about Busta Rhymes
    -Jay z&Linking park song Numb Encore (video spot-hands signal pyramid)
    -Busta Rhymes&Linking park song we made it
    -There is 72 different sects of Islam so if he says Allah it does not mean a dam thing



  185. I like how he says “I shouldn’t have to rhyme these words in the rhythm for you to know it’s a rap” which seems like nothing until you see the video and realize it has a double meaning. Rap and Wrap. pretty cool.

  186. He’s actually turned his life around. I always loved Eminem but I have new-found respect for him now. Other mainstream artists should definitely follow his example.

    Wonderful article.

  187. only way marshall matters,can even defeat the jinns that wishes to destroy him, is to become a muslim, jus get yourself a Quran and read it, there verses in there that can repel them away from you. this is the truth as god as my witness, you will not regret it,

  188. Did anybody notice that when he breaks through the basement wall there is the pyramid at the top of it?
    stop the video @ 2:35 and it looks like Em is looking at it

  189. Wait does any one remember When he says
    “You made come back a brand new me you helped see me through”
    I think he is refering to God because y would he thank the higher ups or satan?
    and he delibritly says You helped see me through

  190. To Paulina who posted on October 12th, 2010 at 3:25 am:

    When Eminem said “You said you were king, you lied through your teeth For that fuck your feelings Instead of getting crowned you’re getting capped” he was referring to Lebron James and not talking about Satan. I havent read this article or all the comments yet but you people are fuckin crazy lol. I watched your video on youtube and Em’s image from back when he first began was his image then. Just because he no longer has bleached blond hair and is rockin his normal hair color doesnt mean that the “higher ups” made him dye his hair – it means he liked his hair like that at that point when he was in his 20′s but now that he’s a little older he’s letting his hair be it’s natural color. I swear some people read into things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. It’s just music people. Calm down.

  191. Wow.. this is a very good article. I never thought Eminem would be part of all this demonic & illuninati stuff. But BOY arnt i glad he’s out of it:) now im jus worried about other celebraties:( I <3 EMINEM! & props on the article & uncovering secrets in the song. :)

  192. This stuff is crazy!!..im also 17 years old and feel so hopeless. Im a big fan on Michael Jackson and know for a fact he was killed! As a society we have got to stand together- as michael wanted. Songs like “Come together” by MJ actually meant something..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..stop being so bloody ignorant and not believing this shit- its true..and new world order is coming soon!!!

  193. Hey great work and analysis but i still dont believe he is out of the trap as of yet anyway.. especially with his latest song with rihanna-love the way u lie(who is a well known illuminati puppet)

  194. I have always appreciated Eninem since “My Name Is…”. It blew my mind he was gaining notoriety, being white and all, but I had no idea what he was into. Now I understand my prayer assignment.

    Since 2006 I felt impressed to keep him uplifted before the Lord in prayer, just along the lines that he would clean up his act so he can be a better influence to this current generation. Now I know my efforts have to be more focused, direct, and very much in-you-face, just the way Eminem would direct it.

    I knew the music industry had some heavy sluggers calling the shots, but I had no idea it was of a higher order with rank and structure, network capabilities, intense symbolism, and the like. An organization like the illuminati would, of course, create connections that go beyond the industry because they are only a part of a greater matrix of power. And so you have everyone in bed with the same Master showing their allegiance via. hand signals and messages spoken on the DL, corporations sporting the occultic symbols in their logos, yadda, yadda, yadda, YADDAH!!!

    It makes me kinda wonder….how deep does this mess go? Who among the so-called church world have given their allegiance to the enemy of their souls and mine? In an effort to win the world for Jesus Christ by becoming like the world to bring them to the Church, we look less like the church and have become the world with a different package and MAYBE A DIFFERENT MESSAGE….but who can tell the difference now….and does it matter?

    All I know is true-blue believers who stand for truth and righteousness (that would be folks like Unknown Alien (23), Truth (29), Paige (69), Chosen 1(ShoutOut to the OneGod Apostolic Believer here- 201), BBOLD(248), and Tyler(301)) need to take seriously to heart here the message given and be quick to spread it! Satan’s Agents posing as angels of light have infiltrated and taken over every mountain of culture in existence; we are endued with our heavenly armor, equipped with the weapons of our warfare, empowered with power from on high. We are encouraged with the battle plans our C-n-C has given us, and we can go forth knowing, like David of old we are to engage the enemy. We cannot cut off his head(JESUS DID IT AT CALVARY! HALLELUJAH!!!), BUT… we can diminish his power where we are, and we are to continuously occupy until His return.

    Taylor-Nguyen (299) and sMiilEy:)(310), I encourage you both, my brothers, to dust yourselves off, repent of your backsliding ways, get your primary weapon polished with prayer and fastings, and GET BACK IN THE BATTLE….ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! We will back you up.

  195. FINALLY….Finally….finally, to Fahran Khan (please, if I misspelled your name, charge it to the head, and not my heart.), thank you first for allowing me to encourage my brethren of like minds and kindred hearts. We are to always do so according to the Holy Bible and so much the more as we see the days of evil are approaching rather fast; having the platforms available to do so may one day be limited only to supporters of the Elite and the NWO so I appreciate the liberty. But my final words are to you…

    Friend, you are a brave soul. One of the bravest I’ve had the pleasure to meet by way of your words here on this blog, as well as you informative videos on YouTube (BTW, I am a subscriber; your stuff is too loaded to pass up..and very timely!). I call myself preparing to listen to Dr. N. Cindy Trimm and revisit a message she gave recently at Juanita Bynum’s “Women On the Frontlines” conference. Then I got sidetracked into listening to some of her other messages and before I know it, she is taking to us about the Willie Lynch Letter and how not to have the mind of a slave. Before I know it, I’m culling through YouTube, getting a crash course on how the whole world is nothing but a massive field full of (dare I say it? ah, forget it…) sheeple. And, unfortunately, I can count myself as one. For I was one who saw, and knew that all I saw was not all there was to see, but I did not know how deep it was.

    Thank you for rescuing me and countless others; we are no longer subject to the wiles of the wolf ‘in sheep’s clothing’(sorry, couldn’t help it, it was there! SUE ME!)! You are one of many YTber’s whose channels I am now looking at, because it’s time to suit up and be prepared to deploy and destroy all the wiles of the enemy. I bless the Matchless Name of Jesus for using all of you to help me become aware of the battle we are supposed to engage in full throttle. You have been called to the frontlines of a war that does not engage in flesh and blood, but against the unseen forces that control the air. We would really have to have a sit-down at a café with some coffee and croissants and lots of time to talk this through, but suffice it for me to say this much: the eyes are the window to the soul, and so are the ears. Captivate these, you control the souls, and the soul of mankind is the most valuable thing in the Universe to God—-and to Satan. The Elitists know this, THAT’S why the Mountains of Entertainment and the Media are so dominated by them, and we are called to get them and the other mountains back.

    And now, my friend, you and others such as Truthiracy1, ppsimmons, jameshettfield, etc., have a problem, and hope you can accept it: you are now with Marshall Mathers—-on my prayer list. You are a marked man like he is….they will run the game on you, as I am sure they will do him….they will cut you off and leave you in a pit of despair, and as sure as your name is what it is, they will try to destroy you, and him…..BUT GOD!! As long as enough saints of the most high God are surrounding you with prayer for every need to be met in this ongoing war, you are guaranteed success to some degree. HOWEVER, I AM BELIEVING FOR TOTAL VICTORY FOR YOU ALL, and that can only come from you walking under the cover of the Blood of Jesus Christ. In the protection that only he can provide, you will know peace and safety for your soul. As long as you stay covered, they can possibly destroy your body, BUT THEY CANNOT TOUCH YOUR SOUL. And they want that for their Master, Satan, because it’s valuable….serve this enemy notice that he can no longer claim what was not rightly his anyway. Call on the Name that is above every other name, the Name alone that has power to save both your body and soul from eternal damnation…..the Name of Jesus Christ.

    Keep on warning the “sheeple” of the plans the enemy has designed for them, so they have the means to reclaim their whole soul. Perhaps one day, when they wake up to think the world is theirs to exploit they will see a whole new army of enlightened people ready to start a revolution of an entirely different sort. We will have you to thank. Please consider carefully what all I have told you. It would be a damn shame for you to have helped others and you yourself cannot join the victory dance. May the Lord bless you continually in all your endeavors of truth.

  196. To Pauline:
    The ‘You said you were king, you lied through your teeth, for that fuck your fillings, instead of getting crown you’re getting capped’.

    He’s dissing Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne called himself the king, and he got capped when going to jail, hence his ‘fillings’ getting capped. Fillings was supposed to sound like feelings.

  197. @Zahid:
    Or to T.I. he refers to himself as the King as well. infact, its a name for him. he also went to jail. but then theres other ways to look at it.

  198. quick question, if your againts all the secrete messaging and encoding then why do you use subliminal flash is som of your videos

  199. Hey, Mr.Farhan ,i’m Ahmed From Morocco , You’re Amazing man , I feel like i’m checking the real meaning of the song :) thanks a lot for everything you’ve done , but i read a comment in your channel that somebody wanna expose you lol , he said , you joined YouTube in 11 september lol that sounded weird for ‘em , lol i don’t believe in Coincidences like i heard in Kong Fu Panda XD, there’s not such thing as Coincidence XD, & watchin’ your “Music Industry Exposed” became like drugs for me lol like you’re one of the illuminati XD, but it can’t be , it’s just that i wish i can try to heal this world from evil that’s why i’m tryin’ to figure something else out , even i wrote a rap song said “Never sell your soul to the devil” i wish that people would check it out:
    Thanks a lot Mr.Farhan . You’re Probably From Asia Originally , India or pakistan or Afghanisation because of your last name “Khan , ^^ more importantly , you seem to be a noble person :) ,

  200. Em has stepped away from the illuminate. He has taken a stand, now he needs to watch his back. J Zee claims to be KING, he’s not afraid to use his demons to hurt Em.

  201. hi… look at 1:33.theres a shop with number 2216=something on depresion,but check this-2+2+1+6=*11*!!!!

  202. If this shit is real, Why cant these artists just come out raw and say it how it is?

    Metaphors and hiding it all behind peotry really can be interpreted many ways. Especially if Eminems talking all this n that about the ‘industry’ drugs and then switchin to lil wayne. ( Now its a lil wayne diss track?) Help me out here…

    Pac was the only one that dissmissed all this “higher-power” shit straight up. Killuminati! From what i seen on him – he wasnt afraid of death, and would die for whatever he believed.

  203. I dont completely agree with that you have said here. My interpretation is that it has nothing to do with drugs. I think he is singing/rapping the entire song to the illuminati and satan and saying a massive eff you, im done here.
    When he says ‘And all those who look down on me I’m tearing down your balcony’ and takes a step, i think it is showing the risk he is taking and how close to death he could be by speaking out against the illuminati and breaking away from them.
    ‘You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay ‘em’ is saying they can try and control what he writes, but ‘But you won’t take the sting out these words before I say ‘em’ is saying ‘you cant stop me from speaking out against you.’
    I think when he mentions ‘demons’ he means actual literal demons, not metaphorical ones.
    In the hook, i dont think he is talking to celebrities. I think he is speaking to anyone who has been abused, possessed or controlled by anyone or any evil spirit.
    I dont think that he thinks his talent is a curse, i think he thinks that satan’s gift of fame is a curse because of what it has done to him. I believe that ‘that place’ isnt his drug problem, it is him being controlled by the illuminati. his cage was the fact that he wasnt free to rap about what he wanted, his lyrics were controlled by others and ‘this place’ is him breaking free from the ‘higher ups’
    Once again just my opinion, and you definitely do your research when analysing a video/song like this. =]

  204. Wow.. really amazing explaining, I think there’s still hope for Eminem.. at least he should try the other way (Knowing the Lord)…

  205. Awsome job man. Love your youtube channel too. You should be proud of yourself look at how many people you have awoken keep on truckin brother.

  206. A well-written analysis of the video.. but Slim Shady isn’t ‘the puppet that once was’, Slim Shady was the original Eminem. Eminem back when he was still lyrical in his songs. When he looks in the mirrors, I believe that he’s reflecting on who he is as a person now. It’s true, back when he first started Eminem was addicted to drugs, but the Music Industry hadn’t controlled the way that he wrote his songs back then.

  207. i dont know if you realised how the sun is behind his head from 3:52-3:55. im just saying, this video got me thinking, i mean im a true fan of eminem, and ive been listening to his lyrics since i was a kid. But doesnt the sun around head depict something? the pagan sun or something like that, dont remember exactly

  208. Listen Farhan or whatever didnt u say that some celebrities wear the cross for peopl to immatate them and this is a symbol to challenge god eminem was wearin that cross in the basement noticed that

  209. i may be young but these fucking freemasons have got to go. i probaly know that 2012 is going to happen is these “people” will keep going. whatyou say is deep.let’s hope all celebs wil find the light and be guided

  210. rember when he was trapped in the glass thats like the higher-ups trying to pull him back in an i guess him breakin the wall an the glass is like breakn away from them

  211. Well said my man.. Dont think i could have put it better myself. Opened my eyes even more than their open now..

    I’m kinda mad at myself because I’ve cut myself off from hip hop almost altogether and in reality, Eminem is crying out for help in this song… I’m going to keep him in my prayers

  212. Its Funny How You Posted This At 3AM. Also Your Names Adds Up To The 666 Are You Trying To Be A Conspiracy YOURSELF?. Hit Me Back And I Would Like To Know. Will This Ever Stop?

  213. I had always loved Eminem and his way to dress not to expensive means that he does not need they`re money anymore he is very modest i like this !

  214. Thank you for doing the work you have done. I just watched your Music Industry Exposed video series on youtube and I am in shock. Some things I already knew or was suspicious of. I’ve always known most mainstream music is garbage and really have only been listening to indie music for the last several years. I knew there was a good reason why I actually liked this Eminem song. I’m spreading your video series to online communities and forums that I am apart of, I hope to wake more people up to this. Thanks again.

  215. Awesome explanation but we have to admit that if we don’t fight “we get married to the game”. I just wanna say something about eminem but not about this song, about the song with Rihanna (love the way you lie). You will recognize in the lyrics that he is trying to explain his fight against the demons and also in the video and lyrics you will see the fire and the word “burn”. As it seems different religious beliefs related to fire are saying that burning is a purification method. As far as I am concerned it’s not only an orthodox belief but also other christian and I think not only christian religious beliefs. (sorry for my bad english)

  216. You once said, that if something is in a music video we can be sure that it is there for a reason as everything is being controlled, that’s why I don’t believe that the “wake up” thing is a coincidence !
    I really hope that people are gonna stand up and not let him fighting alone, because if he’s alone then he’ll probably will not stay really long . of course as you say it was 17 years for michael jackson but “not really long” is relative in this case ^^

  217. Hiya, I am really glad I have found this information. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and web stuff and this is really annoying. A good blog with exciting content, that’s what I need. Thanks for making this site, and I’ll be visiting again. Do you do newsletters? I Can’t find it.

  218. I like what you guys are up to. Such clever work and reporting! Carry on with the excellent works guys. I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website. :)

  219. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  221. Notice in the video how Eminem during the 2nd chorus, he doesn’t talk to the camera/viewers, he talks facing the puppet.

  222. Please respond to this.
    How come that Eminem still does song featring other stars like rihanna who still is with the illuminati and doesnt seem like she wants to get out. If illuminati would like to lower eminems popularity shouldnt they stop other puppets (celeberties) from doing songs with him ?

  223. We have to know this very clear: the universe is not only what it can be seen and not only the artists are in this shit. I have a friend who is in this shit and he is not a public person. We all have a soul and it stands in the power of our decision what we gonna do whit it. This stands true: or you belive in God and u are free or u’re indifferent and and up beeing controled and manipuled.
    I’m talking from my own experience here!

  224. @:|
    he will not be killed by illuminati, the evil will make you(and all of us) belive in a short time that this is not true. In order to this not to happened we have to stop the tv and stop lisen music at ou’re hadphones all the time!

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  226. My gut feeling after hearing the song, and seeing the video a few times, is that its basically about Eminem coming back from a dark point in his life. I actually think the refrain “I’M NOT AFRAID” which is the main part of the song that gets thru to people, is actually a form of mind control for the masses. Basically, people can listen to this a reinforce the belief they are not afraid, and avoid facing ugly realities. but deep down these listeners are scared, we are living in scary times,under increasing psychopathic influence, losing our personal rights, with a police state looming and things like gangstalking spreading.

  227. wow…this is so amazingly done…hats off..the entire part 1-11…and now this analysis..u r damn doing a great job…continue as awarness still needs to go through……

  228. It’s funny how you say all this about the Illuminati. I listen to music. So does everybody. And all of your arguments are only about hip hop songs. You forget pop, rock, blues, metal, etc. I’d like to think that most of these other genre’s of music could have references to Satan in them, hell, that’s what most people’s arguments go to when they say that music is evil. I honestly think that most of the stuff that you said was shit in your videos, I honestly do, but that’s just my opinion. You can go on believing in it for all I care, I just wanted my opinion heard. You read to much into things and don’t sit back and relax. The world isn’t going to end in 2012, and if Michael Jackson, Tupac, all of those people that you mentioned were murdered, then they were murdered. Okay, take that evidence to the police dude. Start an investigation. Don’t just make a video full of fanciful ideas. Good night, and try and relax a little bit why don’t you.

  229. the reason emm is standing at the tall building is to potray the picture the devil showed Jesus when he to the highest point of the city and promised him it could be given to him if he worshiped the devil, which Jesus refused by saying what does it gain you if you can have the whole world but lose your only soul, i think emm is also trying to remind us of this,and its his reason for backing out, if i were emm i would stop all this rappin thing and turn to God completely at least if they kill him then he would be with God istead of dying while still with the devil

  230. Wow…my cousin has been showing me all sorts of stuff done that the NWO has planned…I’m so keeping my eyes open … all of you can either agree or disagree, but we will only find out in due time…so weather you believe or not keep your eyes and hearts open to what you hear…they may let some of our favorite peeps tell us stuff because they dun think we even really listen and see for ourselves that we’ve had the truth showed to us by some of our favorite artists cuz we’ll just brush it off…..Stay true to what you believe in….I know I am! I’m so with you Em I’m not afraid either!!

  231. at 2:36 to 2:37 does anyone else see (after the pyramid crap) a figure in the basement before em breaks the wall? it tries to get away before he smashes it… can anyone tell me if this is a demon or what? and if he was smashing into the illuminati pyramid INTO the basement which symbolises the darker place inside yourself… doesn’t that mean he IS going back? please reply i’m so confused :/

  232. @Jules its eminem in the basement, he doesnt jump into the basement again, he lands on the street. and i think that when he goes into the mirror maze, that represents the time that he was both possessed and taking drugs. also (not like Jules was saying), there is definitely a dark figure behind eminem to his left when he jumps through the mirrors at 2:37.

  233. ok guys…lets try to not buy into this bull shit all at once here, if the illuminati are as powerful as you say they are and they are in EVERY aspect of daily life like you say they are then why hasnt someone spoken out? They’ve been around for a LONG time, and someone would have spoken out by now, maybe some of this stuff is a coincedence and you are all tying this into something more, but isnt there. Just question the “illuminate” as much as you question this mans articl, how do we know hes not apart of the illuminate?

  234. You cannot sell your soul. All you do is open yourself up to evil forces, but nothing more. You cannot sell what you do not own. I have no idea how to tell the celebrities this but one of the main angles to keep them doing what they’re doing is to convince them they are in a hopeless situation, if they think there is no hope they will most likely ‘make the most of life’ and continue the sin and deception.

    All they need to do is repent and have faith in God no matter what happens. It is better to die a martyr for the truth and live on in heaven than live a life of indulgence and ultimately end up in hell.

    They may scare us, threaten us, hurt us, confuse us, but they cannot win, because Christ promised us we would be okay.

    Corinthians 6:19-20

    “19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

    You cannot sell what you do not own. Even if I tried to sell you my neighbors house and we signed a contract it would not be legitimate because I DO NOT OWN THE HOUSE. Same concept. God owns us…God owns the Devil, God MADE the Devil. So he cannot do anything God does not want him to, therefore remain faithful and trusting in God, ask for forgiveness and try to be the best you can be.


  235. Eminem is a pussy.. the only way I can contact him is via twitter, and i’ve tried for the past 2 days but he’s ignoring me.. What an asshole, he is afraid.

  236. If you’re able to analyze this song into such deep meanings. Don’t you think the so called ‘higher ups’ will be able to also. Wouldn’t they be able to identify what he is communicating to them. And if they still possess control over the media and are able to read the lyrics before the song is released, why would they let his song release and furthermore promote it as well??

  237. my english is not very good but i want to tell you that i see a sign in eminem video “not afraid” look when is fliyng like superman ,he is fliyng by a man with a laptop and on that laptop its a number six 6!! that its a devil sign >i’am right no?

  238. Everything in this article has good points, but i would like to point out two things. 1) in the closing scenes of the song, Eminem jumps down a massive whole (or whatever you want to call it) in the middle of the street which could mean 2 things, in my opinion it’s that he has gone down to confront the devil himself and although no resemblence is made of this, he gains the ability to fly and so this is him leaving the devil as if to fly away from him and no longer be in his possession and has finally taken a stand. also note that he goes down in sub-conscience before waking up and flying away on to the rooftop which is seen in the intro of the song. the intro lyrics are ‘i guess i had to that place to get to this one’ stating that he had to fight for his freedom and now is in living in peace

  239. amazing!!! now im loving eminem even more!!! may god help him and defend him from the dirty industry. may god guide the others

  240. well Bro Emmy i think it’s the right time for you to GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS, HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOUR ENEMY. GOOD LUCK

  241. farhan pleeeeeese put this up on rap genius, their interpretation is so fucked up its seiriously hilarious more people need to see this!!!

  242. Nice post. I be taught something tougher on different blogs everyday. It can always be stimulating to learn content from different writers and apply a little bit something from their store. I’d choose to make use of some with the content on my weblog whether you don’t mind. Natually I’ll provide you with a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

  243. thinks guyz for alerting the world.i am in botswana and have been reading lot of stuff pertaining this isue of blue beam project/technology and i did not understand it fully, but when i started reading your articles i realised what shit the world is about 2 experience,we in africa we are subhumans as u outlined in your artcle,thats great job,keep the great work, we rely on you guys this world is for all of us(good bless).

  244. Slim shady is a freaking man dont let no body stop you….ive watched all your videos and everything every little detail falls in place…you should do a video about Michael Jackson faking his death so he couldnt be killed because there is a lot of rumors going out about that happening..thanks for all the info

  245. 2 questions from me, i hope some1 answer… :

    1. Why can’t he just tell the audience all about the Illuminati? If he wants to help this is the best way to do that. If the answer is “Because he’s scared for his life”, then i’d say that he is in danger now, too…

    2. Why is he still wearing Nike(look when he steps on the street), when we now that Nike and Adidas are Illuminati “guns”?

  246. I really appreciate the observations you’ve made on this song. This has really opened my eyes.

    Fantastic Work! :)

  247. Hopefully Eminem makes it out okay & not murdered like MJ or Tupac. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptic on the whole illuminati thing but the facts are there. Some a bit stretched out but others dead scary.

  248. Actually, wen someone is “gassed up” tht means tht they thnk to good of thm self. I get it? So if em says,” you’re gassed up if u thnk ur stopping me,” he means tht whoever he is tlkn to, or about( I thnk he says,” tha world,”or somethn like tht) Tunis tht they can stop him but they can’t. U kno way I mean??

  249. Actually, wen someone is “gassed up” tht means tht they thnk tht someone thnks to good of thm self. U get it? So if em says,” you’re gassed up if u thnk ur stopping me,” he means tht whoever he is tlkn to, or about( I thnk he says,” tha world,”or somethn like tht) thnks tht they can stop him but they can’t. U kno way I mean??

  250. @Fon Bulger WTF r u tlkn bout “illuminati “guns”" thr shoes! U can’t say tht someone is in illuminati cua they wher a certain brand

  251. wow..i love this man..it jus widened my mind about eminem’s song meanings and also this whole music industry crap..nice work…

  252. Thatruth Haha you are stupid and funny! There are advertisments of Nike and Adidas where Illuminati signs are included. There so many other advertisements in which there is illuminati propaganda. Nike Adidas and Puma are Illuminati tools and make a reserch about that. In youtube there is enough info…

  253. I personally do not care much about the Illuminati. They exist, they dont, it makes no difference, i will live life the same way. But i do not believe this song is about the Illuminati. The whole album ‘Recovery’ is based on Eminem sobering up and getting clean from drugs and i think this is another song. You are ofcourse entitled to your opinion, which is why im not saying this is bullshit or cursing you, but i believe its just over-analyzing a song about drugs and escape. It is always 100% possible to find a conspiracy if you look for it, but just do not let it consume you so that you completely change the meaning of a song.

    And another thing. Im not saying its true, but IF the Illuminati controlled the music industry, why would they ever let Eminem release this song? Alot of Tupac’s, who openly preached against them, songs were underground and never officially released.

  254. you can make a 20 min. video breaking down all the symbolism in this video. really can’t believe some missed it!

  255. plz can you breakdown this song and its video “make it rain” fat Joe ft Lil Wayne and “Not afraid” Eminem….thanx that wz a grate job.

  256. if i was the higher-ups i would never try to kill eminem because with the number of fans he has, they would be hunted till theý’re all f***ing dead. if i was them i would try to make it look like an accident. HEY dont think i want eminem dead im a straight guy but i f***ing love him. EMINEM 4 LIFE!

  257. I was actually considering for a long time, to sell my soul on purpose. And to get famous, just to get to the bottom of all this. And then after I will be famous, I’ll tell the world about whats really going o
    n. But its extremely risky. Its not as easy as we all think. They will systematically try to destroy you. Its so freaking bizarre and satanic if its true. Its so bizarre that you’re beginning to doubt its real. Just because of the fact that its too fucked up to believe.

  258. Eminem is strong. to try and fight the system makes him strong. i know he will live because he has many fans that will watch out for him. sure we can’t be near him but we will be looking for him and praying for him.

    on another note …. i have a friend that says Tupac is still alive. that he changed his identity so that he can live on. that he staged his death before these guys could get him. they think he is dead yet he lives on. and every time they find him he will “kill” himself again. does anyone think that is true???

  259. Just wanna point at that when Eminem is walking in the streets he is walking against everyone. The meaning of this is pretty obvious.

  260. Oh and for welcome to hell he’s talking towards the Illuminati just read the lyrics. He’ll never stop till they make him stop. He still has his balls.. And common man look at the album title, Bad Meets Evil. Pretty self explanatory don’t you think. Have faith.

  261. fuck all the people that think all the illuminati shits are fake !!!! there’s a lot of proof !!!! ya’ll just need 2 wake up !!!!! all who doesn’t fear the Almighty Lord …
    may the Holy Spirit cleanses your mind and soul ..

    and to owner of this site~ god bless you men/women
    you ‘opened my eyes’ !!!! thank you :D

  262. DMX has been abducted for doing good stuff…Michael Jackson has been killed for refusing to join them and worship them…why stuff like this are happening??? somebody stand up for this and it is EMINEM let us protect him and support…he knows, do this or not he will end up dead…

  263. 2 areas I noticed some strangeness in the video that I wanted to point out:

    1 @ 3:14 When Em’s fall turns into a flight. Freeze frame and you’ll see demonic faces in the rocks looking down at him as he’s falling, also in the top right corner of the frame, the “all seeing eye” in a brighter shade of gray rock, last but not least right before his direction changes it appears a spirit like figure comes out of the rocks and catches him before he starts to ascend from the pit.

    2. @3:41 the building in the background reads “ONE WILSHINE” One Wil-Shine? Possibly a ref to the “new world order? Possibly Em saying he is the One that will shine and break free? I don’t know but strange either way.

    Especially when you consider event 1 happens at 3:14 and event 2 happens at 3:41 which in numerology = 7 in both cases. Not sure if there’s anything to it or not, just sayin.

  264. I may be in sixth grade.I may be a kid but doesn’t mean I don’t have a say..these filing freemason are gonna fuck up the world we Otta fight for it.and when em say you can try and read the words before I lay Im he’s says that the music industry is trying to silence him or make himsing or rap songs they want.and the people who say there trying to stop Freemasons do just say it.do it …….……-sbn of alameda


  266. Many cuz of money or fame I’m not sure or I’m a slim chance em hasnt given up on the world if u get what I’m sayin. killuminati fTW

  267. Or the NWO can’t silence him cuz he’s not going at he fight back at those mother fuckers trimg to fuck up this world/…fuck Obama says freedom but only for the freemasOns let’s hope other people are not just pretending this shit and is repenting the devil. And may god be with you to the real people .may god be with you

  268. first of all, all of his lights are either torn up or out, except for one, so maybe that says he has no light, also at 1:43 if u look in the back round, u can see smoke, simatnisouly as he points back saying hes not going back to that, also if u look the light gets brighter threw out the song. At 1:50 he walks away from a pharmacy, climing that he doesnt need their help, he can do it on his own. At 1:59, as he looks into the car window, u can see models looking at him, showing that they’re always watching him. Next at 3:04, the lights are flashing yellow as he falls, wich yellow means caution, so they’re warning him it wil be dangerous. And did u notice that he has Dr. Dre’s stuff threw out this video.
    I hope this helped you out.

  269. Actually alot of them do refer to the illuminati but not as in there enemy more like there part of it and as for the response to “not afraid” i reckin its the best one till now.Sadly once you listen to the rest of his album you realise that his still in his to attached to demon possesion. Do an analysis of Love the way you lie the lyrics are pretty straight forward.

  270. It’s not possible to listen to a Snoop music album and ask radical new sounds and musical wizard. That’s like going to a striptease club and trying to talk to the girls there about political relation. If you take this record album for what it is, it ain’t bad.

  271. alot of the evidence of not afraid having an Illuminati type symbolism is related to recovery and getting clean. for example “these demons these mother fuckers are doing jumping jacks now” is symbolizing his addiction. people in recovery will refer to there addiction as a demon and theyll say there addiction or “demons” are doing some type of exercise. this is a metaphor for saying there addiction is progressing or getting stronger. however the hard evidence that could only possible make sense to me is the part when em says “all those who look down on me im tarrying down your balcony” that was what stuck out to me though i loved this article though it was awesome. thanks man…..thats just my input on it :D

  272. i watched music industry exposed all of them i didnt like them at first thinking how silly constant connections and the obvious proof the wealthy dont need the poor, i really didnt understand it i guess intill DMX and michael jackson interviews and videos. real or not this work opens your mind to a possibility and to what we already know there is a lot of work that needs to be done to bring humanity to the next level everyday america fails america fails every sick or starving child or man or women if its not the government who saves the people who will

  273. The 24 HOUR MARKET with 2216 is there on purpose for 100%.

    We can see in the 9′th second of Behind The Scenes Video Day 2, that there was Golden Krust Bakery.

    You can also check it out on Google Maps, there is no 2216, as the street address is 197, check it out on street view:
    Golden Krust Bakery & Grill‎ 197 Market Street Newark, NJ 07102-3718, United States

  274. Greetings guys!
    I found an orthodox calendar that on the front of the book it is the symbol of the Illuminati, the triangle and the eye, I mean, the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, what the hell is happenin here, the same thing I’ve founded in some Books and Governments Releases, but, you know, when I started to read this, I said ‘Let’s find some strange symbols’ and here is it, what the hell, when I seen this thing, it scared the hell out of me.

  275. I saw the music industry all set, I did not like them at first to think how stupid constant relationship and clear evidence of the rich do not need the poor, I really do not I guess understanding indefinitely DMX and Michael Jackson interviews and video. Real or not this work opens your mind to a possibility, and that we already know that a lot of work to do to bring humanity to a higher level
    Web Listings

  276. I think you didn’t notice one thing. When he sings the verse :”Let’s be honest, that last Relapse CD was “ehhhh”” the “ehhhh” sounds exactly like the thing you notice in “Music industry exposed” when people sings “umbrella ella ella EHHHH EHHH EHHHH EHHH EH EH”. For me it is not just a normal ehhhh. Or i’m just to paranoic.

  277. Well done Farhan! I really appreciate you for spreading this to the whole world. I really hope that all people would come to realize that Illuminati does exists. To God be the glory!

  278. I like how you guys think that, if there even would be an illumati, they would be able to control us so good they can take over the fucking world. It’s not a cult, it’s music. And all those people that were killed were not killed by illuminati, it’s like saying I didn’t make my homework because bears chased me in my house on the caribeans…

  279. Matthew 7:7 ask,seek,knock..ASK. Eminem!!! You want us to hear and follow you. Do you know where you are taking your followers? that is not a Rhetorical question. You say your taking a stand. Good. What is it exactly your wanting to stand up for. The ones that your standing up against they know what and who they stand for. They obliviously been proclaiming through their satanic worship. Money,greed,sex,violence. They have power because we have ALLOWED them. ‘Allowed them’ Because we have lost site of who we are and where we are going in this life. They did not make us. We just lost our focus. And in those moments through out our history and still to this day they can decieve and manupilate us into their ways. They lie to us waving a huge big juicy steak in front of us as if were dogs. And as dogs we devour the steak, not knowing it was poisened.

    Eminem!!! take your stand(Overcome). I just wanted you to know and everyone who sees this. There is a battle. Proverbs 18:31 “The tongue as power over life and death, those who love it will eat it’s fruit.” If your fruits are worthy then rise up. Do not honorable standup to a lie just to tell another lie. Matthew 7:7 ASK…But instead ask the one whose name is above all names, Who is the Author and Finisher, who is the Great I AM, The only one that not only showed and stood boldy and Tolded That His the the Way, The Truth, and the Life. You have heard of him; infact alot have heard of him. But to get to know HIM..(Jesus i pray He sees)… Those lyrics you sing in your new song “follow me”. My King, My Lord. Did not fall into their WAYS. But overcame their WAYS. (you still worthy) Jesus kept His ways and then paved me a way. I love you EMINEM. If your serious, truly serious, Jesus says in Romans 10:13 “those who call upon My name shall be saved.” I heard you man. Hear me. Hear Him who has been calling you from the start. We were made in His image. Its time.. THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE.. ON EARTH HAS IT IS IN HEAVEN…

  280. 90% of the comments are from “the jumpin jackin demons”….did someone realize that?? 99% of the comments come from “illuminated ones” nice try…you won’t get me into believeing the crap you spit!! BTW NICE JOB EMINEM…NICE JOB FARHANKHAN!!! You have all my respect for having the guts to post this!!! This lil guy (me) has a gigantique respect for you 2 !!

  281. I’m wondering after watching your video on the music industry if the part you call the ‘conclusion’of this song is a advanced message of 2012 and what might come or is caused through the illuminati? Like the pre-footage of 9/11 and Proof?

  282. please should you try a break down on rihanna’s song Disterbia and the russian rullet. i think its saying some thing there.

  283. Nice!! But hey, i dont think eminem is acting like superman at the end of the video. I think he is reffering to the character NEO from matrix. Think about it – he is flying arround just like eminem in the video, through the streets next to the cars. It also seems like eminem is walking IN the matrix while he is is walking in the city in the video. The people are ignoring him just like neo in the movie. Further he is singing “im breaking out of this cage” while he is going through a door of light – just like neo in the movie. Yea im just thinking guys, dont blame me. Oh, and the leatherjacket and the haircut look also similar to the matrix movie stuff.

  284. The Illuminati must’ve scared Eminem into satanism again because he made the new Bad Meets Evil and in the song “fastline” his rap partner roice says “I made a pact with the devil saying I’ll let you take me” Along with the song “I’m On Everything” where Em says “There’s a devil in my noodle”

  285. o.k i come from zimbabwe, whr ms teenagers like me listen 2 hiphop.. I rap myself and hope one day to b featured on a track by eminem.. Now i understand why most africans do not make it in the industry, because they do not sell thier souls to the devil.. Hope i will make it one day, people say there is no talent in zimbabwe, but think again… We are beter than most of these american rapper. Am only 16 but hiphop is my life, and eminem has inspird me….

  286. I like the advise given by Khan on his interview; be open minded, read and check this info; research, etc. Keep searching brothers and sisters and for sure you will find there is more than meets the eye re: mind control and its intended purpose; illuminati, the jesuits, secret societies, etc. Infact, the Bible, original one based in recieved text (KJV) foretold ALL about all this stuff, the WHAT IT IS, WHY IT WILL BE AND FOR HOW LONG WITH A FINAL END-in the Bible and those who know history and are able to translate Bible prophecy will confirm its accuracy in all these matters. Research good people and more prayerful research will enlighten us for our good and to the one and TRUE God’s glory. Also check out the following for starters. They Sold their souls for Rock and Roll. http://www.goodfight.org; then check out this one http://www.amazingfacts.org.

  287. I disagree with your analysis. My interpretation is that the whole music video is about monarch programming, the programming Marshal Mathers underwent and how through that programming he broke through the pain to the other side of illimination. He is telling other artists that are going through programming to stay on the path and make it to the otherside “I’ll get you there”. On the surface, with just the lyrics alone, it seems like a message of empowerment and breaking free but its not, when coupled with the music vid its clear that the message is that the only way to escape the “hell” of the monarch program is by embracing the “heaven” of dissociation and joining the “illuminated”. It’s classic elite psyops, he sings about overcoming his demons and handlers but then the message of the vid is that he is most clearly not. For instance the smashing of the mirrors is symbolic of the shattering of the personality, the fact that this happens the same time as he breaks through the wall of his prison and light shines through, is very telling (basically his personality is shattered and through that he is illuminated) and then he is able to “fly” (dissociate). It is not a song made for the publics sake but for other monarch mind control victims, to “remind” them what they are going through it all for; “The pure light of Lucifer”…. Its really quite sad and I am surprised you dont see it, unless you are a dis-info agent??
    The man will never be free, he never stood a chance, my guess is that he was sold to the monarch program as a child, his abusive “mother” might well have been a handler… And he in turn might well have been “Kims” handler….
    The rabbit hole goes deep and dark, where does it end, or; when does it end?

  288. I hear u guys compliment Farhan but lets rather think of a solution to break this imperialism and demonic circle. How can we help artist like Eminem, DMX, JayZ and the rest to overcome this. Divided we fall, together we stand. God bless the world, Amen.

  289. God help dem fight em. Wishd al d trapd pple joind hands 2gtr n fight against d devil coz he stands no chance against d power of God. Lets mke dis world a world of God. AMEN. Evrybody…plzzz do pray evryday. Gr8 work Farhan. Thnk u 4 bringin us out 4m d ignorance n showin us wat d wurl rely luks lyk.

  290. one thing i dont understand is why other celebrities dont go against the illuminati.I mean there are so many people who look up to them. Is it really right for them to manipulate and fool their fans like that!. If fame everything to them then why do we still follow them and let them manipulate us. It is our responsibilty to stand up them against them because at the end of the day no matter how much we blame the artists, its really our fault too because they have the power to manipulate us only because we gave it to them.

  291. It is about addiction not the music industry. The puppet part is how drugs and alcohol control you. Looking in the mirror is seeing the person your addiction has turned you into. What is wrong with you guys? This is not a song about the music industry. You guys are just funny.

  292. yo man, i love your interpritation of the videos and the illuminati in the industry video. its very alarming, and ive shown people these videos, but people tend to not believe these things because they think illuminati is a made up thing. but i thank you and all the followers of the truth movement. keep up the dope work and keep me poasted on anything you do. and big ups to eminem for taking that stand. people like eminem need this to be heard, cause it could mean his life. i wish more people would stand up. but the more people read and look for themselves they find out the truth. we should do it for people like michael jackson who got taken before they could do what they needed to to save us and our fellow people. thanx again

  293. @dee seven
    no one can escape the new world order it’s everywhere not only in the U.S. no where is safe not even antarctica or an isolated island in the middle of the pacific.

    by the way this question has been asked alot and I wondered the same… why do illuminati allow these songs to get released and even become mainstream if these songs expose them???

  294. Reply to comment 476:
    Why?,remember,”Illuminati are not the only player in the game of live,they even not a real player,the only real player of this live is GOD,God its the guy that allow the song to be a mainstream song,When god raises his little finger,ILLUMINATI CAN DO NOTHING!,so remember,its not illuminati that we should fear about,its god!,so never lose your faith!

  295. And of course,eminem is my favourite rapper,and if he really want to get away,i believe god still protect him until someday,i wish he can get away before that day!

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  297. at 1:57 u see him looking in a car glass, u see the reflection of this numbers: 973-842. they are written backwords. i counted them and the numbers make 33. u see it right after he says but im not going back to that now. im not sure if it was meant to be like this.

  298. Farhan actually you’ve done well and its really quite a lesson 4 everyone not only Muslims that music its “HARAM”
    “kazakhalla khair”

  299. You’re obviously right about how it’s pretty much about the shift between being a drug addict and then becoming and STAYING clean and the total transformation your life goes through, but I think that your interpretation of what Eminem is speaking about is off when you claim that it is about the machine that is the music industry and how they execute control, etc…. It seems very obvious to me that he’s purely talking about his battle with addiction and overcoming it; essentially I would say that whoever he’s speaking to when he may be interpreted as speaking to the music industry and stuff is actually just him speaking to/about his addiction… Just the two cents from a recovered drug addict herself… I feel that it is most likely NOT him trying to relay a message to the elite in the music industry (although I’m quite interested in any topic like that and do believe most of those things people brush off as “conspiracy theories”) because of the fact that I can relate to his lyrics pertaining to my own experience with multiple and heavy drug addictions that lasted for many, many years as things that hit home if you know what addiction is truly like… I’d just say that the way he’s speaking about addiction shows me at the very least that I did have an obviously way worse addiction than he ever did because my experiences couldn’t be “summed up” the way he has done with his own, although like I said, they’re RELATABLE.


  300. Bro i think u got it ryt coz where you were not sure u did mention saying u did not understood and am following you closely for new updates now. continue feeding the world with that good and awareness news. But am afraid that the illuminati guys may plan to gun u down, dont you think so?

  301. i never thought that this would ever happen to music artists like Eminem. Ever since my girlfriend showed me the series, i couldnt beleive it at first. After i watched and watched, i kept thinking about the evidence that you gave us. It became clearer that everything you hear about celebs on the news is fake. The Music industies are the real enemies. I hope that people of this generation can open their eyes and see whats really going on in this world. Thank you for everything you have showed us, farhankhan. God save us all.

  302. watch this video of the song! its played backwards and theres a message in it! i didnt believe it at first so i went onto audacity played it backwards and it is legit!!

  303. it is well Emmy…..almighty God will protect you.illuminati’s are weak, embrace christ,and you will defeat them,because he that is in us is greater than he in thw world

  304. OK so, at 1:55/1:56 in the official music video, Eminem is looking at his reflection in a car window and sees a disfiguration in his face. Above him in the reflection is a telephone number to a furniture store, 973-642-6420. Adding these numbers, they add up to the insignificant number 43. However, as outlined in Farhankhan’s video, the numerologically significant number 25, which is achieved by adding the individual digits in a number, and coincides with the Illuminati’s practice in numerology. By subtracting, the opposite of adding, aka in rebellion or opposition (the theme of the song) to the occult numerology, -25 can be reached by subtracting each number consecutively from right to left (in the reflection). This may possibly be a symbol that Eminem is going so far as to TAUNT the “higher-ups” utilizing their same strategy (hidden symbols and numerology) and molesting it to the point of directly opposing the rules of their practice of numerology by subtracting instead of adding individual digits.
    Better hope i used a condom cause your mind just got FUCKED :)

  305. all this prattle is to distract us from seeing that it is bloody boring “entertainment”…this is the whole point….extraterestrials want people to work for them, not to sing…so they allow only talentless idiots like eminem to do it publicly….but they are continuously dumbing it down, so, indeed, at some point even the little creep like eminem will be perceived as “too talented” for them.

  306. all this prattle is to distract us from noticing how bloody boring this “entertainment” is…this is the whole point….extraterestrials want people to work for them, not to sing…so they allow only talentless idiots like eminem to do it publicly….but they are continuously dumbing it down, so, indeed, at some point even the little creep like eminem will be perceived as “too talented” for them….i seek pole shift survival group….


  307. Great Work, I just watched your video about the exposing of the music industry. I have to say, thank you for that. You have great knowledge and you can reveal stuff with full depth. You have a talent, great work.
    Also, im a rapper myself but i dont talk about sex, money and fame. I talk about what i’ve experienced in life and how much it hurts mentally and physically.
    Hope you can do more, i’m a serious fan :)

    P.S. your videos should have more views than justin bieber’s. Your’s mean something, keep it up! :)

  308. great stuff. definitely eye opening. i think some is opinions are a little stretched, but this is only some. you have a gift and i personally thank you; keep encouraging people through your videos. as a christian i have another thing to warn people about.

  309. Great work sir. I’m a youth (19) who is widely exposed to this media which portraits disturbing and hypnotizing images that are sinistral,I thank you sir for making me aware,cautious and protected from my spiritual being. Furthermore , I depicted more than what the video feeds impose, that is the crookedness,lack of morals,lack of respect and many more things troubling today’s youths are the results of imitation and emulation of those possessed celebrities. God is powerful,and indispensable,he will bring and end to this soon,his army is infinitely greater than Satan’s,so let us be safe under his wing and seek for his salvation by prayer and follow his clan of purity and righteousness. THANK U! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  310. wow i like ur awareness! i learn many things ur message 4 eminem why he gives back his soul 4 God! wow he is blessed!

  311. After watching that series of “the music industry exposed” last night and having a terrible nightmare afterwards, my advice to Eminen and all the likes of him like DMX and others who are tryin’na get the hell outta this shitty business which is so evidently serious is that these artists should team up just like Eminem points out in his lyrics and form their own industry that’s gonna save them from falling to pieces when these fucking devils try to rip them apart. After all, thank you brother for letting the world know so much that has previously been unknown.

  312. Do you think that is there any reason which most of the Muslims say listening to the music is Haram. since these illuminatis are existing for centuries?

  313. Althought I agree he is transforming himself from Slim Shady to Marshall in this video, do not forget who inked the deal in the first place…Marshall. He still flocks with the same people who support the Higher-ups’ agenda of the Illuminati such as Lil Wayne and Drake and Jay-Z. Birds of the same feather flock together. Plus his emblem on his chain now is a pyramid. I hope that he does come to YHWH’s side eventually, but time is running out. This is a powerful song and hopefully he didn’t mean it for people to join or support the Illuminati. But since then, his music such as “Life in the Fastlane” on Bad Meets Evil, his lyrics are suggesting he hasn’t come to the right side. YHWH is about Love and forgiveness, however I hear the same type of sinister messages from Eminem. He’s almost 40 and still rapping towards teenagers’ interests. Time to grow up and accept what you are doing as an adult. I want this guy to come to Heaven. I have been a fan of his for years. I just got tired of the Hip-Hop Industry and the horrible messages it delivers to the public, so I abandoned it all together because all of the Satanic worship within it such as Jay-Z, Kanye, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Lil Wayne. They all make it clear what they are about. Please, Marshall, if u haven’t already, come to the side that grants eternal life through belief of Yahushua ha’ Mashiach. Shalom.

  314. i wish i could help him if he becomes muslim allah will help him i wish i could convince him and tell him it will help but how ? he’s a good guy but if he stays the same he will suffer in hell

  315. if only he can change if the higher ups will take everything thats fine cox all they can proveds is materials thing and if u have love of this material thing than the LOVE of the FATHER is not in uuuuuuuuu

  316. Post the word killuminati on facebook twitter or whatever else you use everyday try to aim for 333 tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends and so on. If ee get enough publicity it will go on the news and everything else and people will learn about it and well have a following of people eho hate them that is bigger than they are then we will have their attention. For everyone who is brave enough to start this and truly wants to do this I will begin at 333pm U.S central time. God bless

  317. Guys life as we know it, is like a computer program, there’s 01, on and off, good and evil, i’ve learned quite alot about this illuminati stuff, abit scary, only remedy for this, is prayer, to the Almighty, the ZAR of the heavens, GOD, Marshal I shall keep you in my prayers dude. I’m also fighting my own demons, now I know I’m not alone.

  318. The Illuminati is taking over, no scratch that, they have taken over. Its only a matter of time before they single handedly control the world. We as the citizens of this fucked up country need to rebel and take a stand quickly before its too late.

  319. I have to finally tell you that you actually made an awesome weblog & I really liked reading through the data you have offered. I have spent a heap of time looking out on the online and at long last uncovered what I was looking for. I merely wanted to state wonderful post and thank you.

  320. I loved as much as you’ll receive carried out right here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an impatience over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again since exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this hike.

  321. Lil Wayne and Drake and Jay-Z. Birds of the same feather flock together that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again sinctell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends and so on. If ee get enough publicity it will go on the news and everything else and people will learn about it and well have a following of people eho hate them that is bigger than they are then we will have their attention. For ev

  322. i wanna be a rapper if sum1 who went thru the deal tell me how it geos im gonna say no and this guy K.i.D. and Mr. Man warn them b4 itz 2 late



  325. my eyes are opening after the death of my father. takes a tragedy in most peoples life to snap out of bad habits and thought patterns. Theres always a light for us to follow we just have to open our eyes.

  326. thought it was a powerful song the first time i heard it! n i somehow knew what he was singin about b4 watchin illuminati-the music industry(which was awesome). i’ve been studying these groups for a few yrs now n all i do is pray n keep doin positive things. thats all we small ppl can do. God protect those in the grips of evil, lead them to the light n if they can’t find it send them an angel to guide them through the darkness. for all humans. love you n God bless.

  327. The Father ( OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU ) will help Emineme to do the right thing and not be afraid of them that can kill the body but cannot kill the SOUL he will be fine God is his only answer if you trully put your faith and trust in HIM the wicked will soon perish and have to face the judgement of the Most High God and is very deadly ALL you Star of this cult repent and get OUT of this darkness of SOUL selling nonsense cos the TRUE JUDGE is NOW on earth

  328. if all of the controlled did so and spoke about the Illuminati then they cant just kill them all.. and since they all talked about it they cant just be “crazy”.

  329. I do not doubt that the above explanation is completely possible.
    However, what i’m struggling to get my head around and alot of you have seemed to miss and not question.

    This album is released on a major label – Interscope Records. Who are owned by Universal Music Group (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Music_Group) who also own Def Jam, whom Rihanna belongs to.

    If these ‘higher ups’ are so obsessed by subliminal messaging in songs that come via these major labels, from the aforementioned artists, why did they not pick up and prevent the release of this album if the hidden meaning and intension of some of the songs are trying to make people aware of what goes on behind the scenes?

  330. ive always been an Em fan since the begining. matta of fact i recently got clean off presrcipt drugs, around the same time this albumn came out. so it was inspirational to me anyways….but now all this!~!!!!! I think its gr8, get dem Em!!!!! since ive noticed these illuminati hoax, ive been following every lead they give and checkn them out myself. I dont doubt fo second that these higher ups are all aboutthis bshit, this world has always been corrupt since day 1 & always will be. so to use popular artist to mind fuck the world is not one bit surprising!!!! example, look at how many lames follow every move lil wayne makes…to the dreads, skating, etc. i got some respect for lil wayne as musical artist but no artist compares to Em lyrically & to have the best lyrical artist alive to be going against these corupt, gutless, soulless fucks is all the beta!!!! FUCK the illuminati, LIKE SAID MORE ARTIST SHOULD STEP UP & FOLLOW THIS MOVEMENT.!!! Marshall, Em, Slim Shady…dont make a diff what he goes by, tear them down…u’ll have followers til ur death same as MJ did

  331. hey to the maker of this . take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRExjF0dSQo&feature=related a interveiw with his wife . there are things she doesnt c or is hideing about there last devorce toooo he left for a month and didnt say a thing then a law yer sends papers . the illuminati told him too.. he had only just remairried her …. orrr OR its a lie n she filed devorce illuminati told her too… to help drop him out of the spot light , further more he refused to comment and says its for the children but does that sound like the true reason ???? this websites got my email addresss right ? if you wannt compare notes lend me a messege ;)

  332. ??? wow that was supposed tpo all b one messege ?. my computer is being weird?? crap its doing shit by itself

  333. I have been watching this video”I’m not afraid” and after
    reading your interpretation about the song,is absolutely true.
    Big up man. You are amazing bro.
    Let me ask, what about the scandals now goes to Kanye West
    about mocking the devil?

  334. Fantastic breakdown man. I don’t agree with this part of your interpretation though: “But it’s time to exercise these demons, these mother fuckers are doing jumping jacks now”…
    “Exercise”? “Jumping jacks”? Get it? ;) Peace out pal.

  335. Nice…i’m glad you came out of youtube…there is alot of censorship in there…i enjoy your videos also…one request tho…I think it woiuld be nice if you did research on Bob Marley also…towards the end of his music career..there was an unsuccessful assissination attempt on his life also… I suspect that he might have been murdered..just something to think about…officially he died of cancer…reasons, 1st and most obvious-cancer from smoking marijuana, 2nd-lead bullet still in him causing cancer, and last- which i think is crazy- a toe injury that got infected…he also was against the “system”…i dunno just an idea…get back at me…

  336. Mint message…glad i payed attention to that link on one of your vids on youtube itd be brilliant if you could do it on some other artists :)

  337. EM…You are awesome! You walked away…now don’t look back. Don’t give them the satisfaction…I’m a granny…
    and I’m proud of you…for what it’s worth. Your young people need a good leader to walk in front..show em the way EM…Indigo man..you are.

  338. Has anybody tried to reverse the song?I reversed accdidentaly in vegas pro and i heard:I miss my Family,can’t live with things i’ve lost more i lye the wydness my open arms,the devil fails and thank you once again, i just want to say im ok and im your friend it hurts again and you’re fine

  339. for all people in the world. Let’s fight illuminati together.
    Don’t actual believe in media, just believe in what you belief.
    before 21 Dec 2012 – let’s join forces to stop illuminati agenda to succeed

  340. this is true!! we should all look around and open our eyes and ears just like reffering to eminems not afraid lyrics. he is a great guy but is going through a lot so i support him all the way

  341. you did an excellent job looking into this song and i have to agree with you on a lot the stuff you said especially when you go on about the verse, But I think I’m still trying to figure this crap out, thought I had it mapped out but I guess I didn’t,he previously tried to get off of the higher-ups radar, referring to them as the Black cloud still tracking him and monitoring his every move.

  342. real shit bro totally agree with you and believe eminem is breaking away from the control of the illuminati you have opened my eyes to a lot and I thank you so please keep it coming

  343. I used to like Eminem,I’m not quite so sure now but if he has ‘seen the light’ why the hell does he still hook up and sing with the other rappers and musicians (eg. Lil Wayne, Rihanna, etc.) who apparently are too busy to see the light?

  344. I have reversed the song myself and i have found hidden messages in the song. He is trying to send us a message but It is not getting out to enough people. This song has a hidden Message With more meaning then the song.

  345. Eminems Mirror image is a Hegelian Dialectic or mock dual. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,a German philosopher created this as a tool of deception. It’s of the Occult, and it’s intent is to keep you stuck in a system that repeats itself, but never gets to the truth. It’s total manipulation being used by the Zionists NWO evildoers to deceive everyone.

    We are witnessing the true Hegelian Dialectic currently in Society. It repeats itself and causes confusion. It perpetually continues.

    Eminem is showing himself walking on the streets of society like you or I. Then he sees the big picture, On one side theres the real person on the other is a darker image, a mirror image… one thats created to fool you. Em (the real man) was taken in and deceived by fame and fortune (the mirror image). Em was manipulated into doing the dirty work of the Illuminati, but then realalizes that he’s being used as a puppet and thank God, as we all know, Eminem is no puppet! I’m behind Eminem 100% in his stand!

  346. hi farhan khan .
    please look for eminems “black america” album and read names of the remixed songs from 1 till end just like a letter see what you find! its a hidden message!!!

    No way out/Mistake/Here/Freestyle
    Sorry/This Shit Real/,/Just Like Me
    Square Dance/Two Glocks/Day N Nite
    Where The Buds/Just Carry On/Who Want It
    This What I Do/ :/Stand Tall/Set It Off
    F*ck The Industry/I Dont Care/Whip It

    1. No way out
    2. Mistake
    3. Here
    4. Freestyle
    5. Sorry
    6. This Shit Real
    7. Just Like Me
    8. Square Dance
    9. Two Glocks
    10. Day N Nite
    11. Where The Buds
    12. Just Carry On
    13. Who Want It
    14. This What I Do
    15. Stand Tall
    16. Set It Off
    17. F*ck The Industry
    18. I Dont Care
    19. Whip It

  347. hi farhan khan .
    please look for eminems “black america” album and read names of the remixed songs from 1 till end just like a letter see what you find! its a hidden message!!!

    No way out/Mistake/Here/Freestyle
    Sorry/This Shit Real/,/Just Like Me
    Square Dance/Two Glocks/Day N Nite
    Where The Buds/Just Carry On/Who Want It
    This What I Do/ :/Stand Tall/Set It Off
    F*ck The Industry/I Dont Care/Whip It

  348. I think this is some really helpful information. I am glad to see Eminem getting his life on track. I just hope nothing bad happens to him.

  349. I like the reseach you do but i cant get any information about local usicians in other countries like in east africa.becouse others are also suspected to be members

  350. Sir! i have noticed it the first time he rapped this song!
    But i have heard , Satan gives every one a 3 chance of living. But after that , they take the lifes of the person who got rid of it ..

    All i care is, i dont want to loose Eminem :’(

  351. You can’t help but Luv Eminems Song here…
    its so deep its beautiful its art its something
    other rappers aren’t pulling off its a song that
    makes you wanna keep pushing forward as well
    a eyeopener. Goodjob Eminem! keep it up!
    and don’t let “anything” get ya down

  352. @urmom u r just a ignorant fuck dis illuminati shit b real yo u can’t deny the facts farhan is spittin did u WATCH the whole vid u can’t deny shit!

  353. wow!cant believe what am reading,you know what!you are dam correct.pls farhan khan save us in nigeria,help us to talk about D BANG song his from nigeria and had just sign with kanye west group(the higer up).lot of young Artist in nigeria are trying to do the same here without knowing.pls help to post it on facebook.becouse we nigerians love to be on facebook.tanks bro

  354. Faran, in the first verse he’s saying ‘from infinite to recovery’ right? As iam taking it, he signed his soul to the devil to gain fame, and the higher ups helped to sign his album ‘infite’ which made him famous (he had like 1-2 albums before and didnt gain anny fame for them) and the devil had his sould until he did recovery. Or iam i wrong?

    And a interesting thing is that his voice clearly changed after his ‘break’ between like 2006-2010. I think the higher ups did something like auto tune or some shit like that, to make his voice better, cause it was.

  355. First I’d like to thank you Farhan for helping us see more of the true reality that’s been hidden from our eyes through this system’s way of life. Sencondly, I’d like to congratualte Eminem for breaking free of such dark and heavy chains of bondage.

  356. hello Mr. Farhan, thanks for your research and analysis through eminem’s songs and videos, well from his lyrics and songs we can understand that he is getting out of this cage and he regretting the higher-ups, but why i’m worried about is that he can still be illuminati and he is trying to get attention by this stuff so he can cruel up everything and can be a new way of bringing human beings in to illuminati, would be happy to hear from you, and discuss this with you because i think and feel that this can be another case of being an illuminati, looking forward to your fast reply.

  357. Notice his hand gestures through the following lines:

    9.From Infinite down to the last Relapse album he’s still shitting
    10.Whether he’s on salary, paid hourly
    11.Until he bows out or he shits his bowels out of him

    00:47 in the youtube video.

  358. Just prey to the good just he can help you there it’s sura in the quran it sed .If all the world when do you damage and your allah dasen whan that they will not do nothing too you and if alla whana punish you if all the world whana help you they canot do nothing

  359. Man u jst superb wid ur lyric en image analysis of da songz..4 a sec. dea u said dis info may b right or wrong!itz quite convincin en more% goz to da ‘right’…keep bringing da truth to as at least 4 us to knw wat direction da music indstry iz takin en da impact of da sngz to da respctve ‘fans’…itz high tym ‘fans’ consider da analysis of sngz b4 considerin themslves actual fans!

  360. OK but one thing is still not clear for me em says “i did this for me SUBLIMINALY i did this FOR YOU SO I CAN COMEBACK A BRAND NEW ME YOU HELPED SEE ME THRU” eminem’s previous album sucked and what is this was his new image what if he’s really not out and who does z lyrics talks to?

  361. I’m not saying this “secret society” is true and I’m not saying it’s not real, but we must all keep in mind. These are his opinions. People can choose if they want to believe in such things.

    MY opinion is that there may be a “secret society”. I think every song has a meaning. Whether it’s Eminem or Katy Perry. I also think that every song that is “about drugs and abuse” – (said by the artist) – is actually about them selling their soul to the devil, about their own experiences with the devil.

  362. Farhan , i realised something after watching all your videos . From 00:48 to 00: 58 , you can see Eminem showing some numbers with his finger . He shows a repetition of 1,2 and 3 . As you said the Illuminati show great importance in numerology . 11 , 22 , 33 are important numbers in numerology in Illuminati practices. This shows that Eminem are hinting that the Illuminati is involved in this and that he is referring to them

  363. I think you summed up this video well!! I don’t view this world the same as I use too. I think if we understand these celebrities and what their words really are saying…Then we can better understand what is happening through out the world. I don’t think anything is by chance. I know anything I see on the news is what they what you to know. and the music videos we see are more hidden and you really have seek truth in order to understand it in depth. I really can’t get into shows I use to love because my subcon. is awakened so much I see “them” in everything. BUT…it draws me closer to GOD. and I think that is what these celebrities who are trying to escape “them” are failing to understand, you can’t fight them by playing the same game they played with you. you have to turn to CHRIST. “they” know that is the only way a person can be saved. I think the celebrites that try to escape shouldn’t not turn to the media for support or speak in codes…Speak up about the illuminati. say their actual name. in some ways they are still trying to keep the oath but break it at the same time. The public is too programmed to actually catch on..right now. WHAT THE WORLD NEED NOW IS THE HARDCORE TRUTH. No sublimenal messages.

  364. Oh yeah, the next time you see a celebrity with a mic and you are able to see it in the news or read it in a magazine..remember they really don’t have a voice. because the illuminati only print and broadcast things they want us to read and see. WAKE UP!! GOD bless.

  365. Hi Farhan
    I’m going to start by saying that it was Brilliantly put, I believe you got it spot on.I’m in a similar position as Marshal, due to what happened to me in the UK(Walthamstow) and because of that I know you have it spot on.I also believe that the song “no love” was reffering to me.
    God is almighty and mersyfull, if Marshal accepts God and asks him for forgiveness I believe his soul will be saved.
    May God bless you for the great work that you’ve been doing.

  366. I strongly believe your statements are ideally correct. Although a commenter said “we could be interperating a very high cocaine addiction” hmmm.

  367. This is amazing stuff farhan….i had little idea about these mainstream singers and the Illuminati, but u have defo made it clear in your many videos…i love it…keep working like this as you have done amazingly well brother. Peace.

  368. This is good. But can u tell me who is the person with long hair in a picture at 32:22sec? In “The music industry exposed 2″ The picture is behind the black round dots…

  369. the overall idea is to know the planz of the Devil and stop him from dispising us and turn toward GOD.. So friends i kindly request you all to turn your taughts towards God and not the Devil :)

  370. the overall idea is to know the planz of the Devil and stop him from dispising us and turn toward GOD.. So friends i kindly request you all to turn your taughts towards God and not the Devil.

  371. Simple question. I noticed in one of your other videos, you had explained that “Videos are controlled in a fully controlled environment. So, is something is in the music video, you can be certain it was meant to be there.” So in video for “Not Afraid” why is it that you, personally, don’t seem to have the same confidence for the words “Wake up” on the bus in the scene above? Now, I did see that you listed 3 different plausable explanations, but the first explanation grabbed my attention and is why I used the word “personally”.

  372. hey thanx 4 da gud wrk n we really appreaciate your findings only one thing dat im impressed of is wat do u want us fans to do instead of thinking about dis people .i know der is a way to free dis people from the shackles dat ties dem, and dat way is thru JESUS CHRIST he is our saviour and redeemer thru him everything is possible so i challenge u all to pray and fast for these people not only dem but for those dat are still in the dark free their souls and get them to the light HALLELUIA

  373. wish there was something we could do to help eminem out of this mess. i promise you that it’s only a matter of time before he’s dead too like tupac and michael jackson… they’re all FEARLESS TRUTH SPEAKING LEGENDS that their memory will hopefully live on forever.

  374. hey bro you are doing a great job and everybody appreciate it including me..,., but now i have listened eminem not afraid reversed which show some other message.., what to say about it.., will be waiting for your response.,..,

  375. Right now the higher ups are really trying to keep eminem out of the public spotlight. Am i the only one who has noticed that he has been creating new songs with ‘Bad meets Evil’, but has not been in
    ANY public media recently?

  376. Aww poor Em :’(
    He’s recently released a song as Slim Shady with Skylar Grey
    He’s just trying to stay in the spotlight so that he doesn’t get killed, right Farhan?